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In Topic: GameStop TIV/Promos XXVI: Values available on Android/iOS app. Games with gua...

01 September 2014 - 04:54 AM

So i bought a few super cheap ass PS3 games today used and the guy stuck the $1 "guarantee" on one of them.


I fortunately noticed it because i was getting some groceries in the same plaza and went back to get the refund. He acted like it was a mistake but I wonder.. Has anyone else had this happen? I wonder if I should do the survey and report it.


As a former employee, this is actually (usually) an accident. The system prompts insurance on every purchase and it can go unnoticed quickly if you're not paying attention. I would just mention it, get a refund, and have it at that unless you notice it multiple times.

In Topic: Free Wii U Game Download with Purchase of Mario Kart 8!

18 June 2014 - 02:44 AM

So I bought the Mario Party 2 off club nintendo, but don't have the classic controller. I need to pick up two, do they sell any that don't require being plugged into the wii mote? or should I just invest in wii mote chargeable batteries.

You are going to need to get the classic wired controller (pro) for the Wii. Its the only way to play N64 titles on the Wii U. The good thing is you can now play Wii games on the gamepad screen, making the affair purely played on the gamepad - so its semi portable.

In Topic: CAG & Walmart Giveaway - 3 each: South Park: The Stick of Truth Grand Wiz...

03 March 2014 - 11:50 PM

Wonderful! Awesome contest!

In Topic: XBL Deals: 10/7 Terraria, Zeno Clash, More 50% off (Gold) | FREE Gold Games:...

04 September 2013 - 01:57 AM

MLB Nicktoons plays mostly like the Bigs.  Kinect controls for hitting, pitching, and fielding work well.  Easy 1000 Gamerscore.  For $3, it's worth it.  



Answered my question instantly. Taking the plunge then.

In Topic: Groupees: [NEW] Build a Greenlight Bundle 33 + Oktoberfest + MiniBundle 7

03 September 2013 - 07:21 AM

Not surprising. I hope all of the money for this goes to charity. Capsule Computers is a pretty shitty site. They always do tons of "giveaways" but they never mention a winner, and their giveaway pages always go down right after. Must be an Aussie thing.


The winners are announced in the comments section. Twitter contests are DM'd to the winner for privacy reasons.