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In Topic: CAGcast #680: Nintendo’s Family Plan

15 April 2021 - 07:14 PM

Just continue to do the opposite of what Wombat says regarding most movies, and you’ll be good. Bill and Ted 3 is awesome.

In Topic: CAGcast #679: You’re Doing It Wrong!

08 April 2021 - 06:47 PM

Wow. Shipwreck just doesn’t like superhero shows I guess. Really liking Falcon and absolutely loving Invincible. Amazing show!

In Topic: CAGcast #678: How About Deez Grape Nuts?

06 April 2021 - 09:18 PM

Surprised none of the crew want to play It Takes Two. It’s a co-op game which, by all accounts and reviews, is amazingly fun. You don’t have to be actually be husband and wife to play together. Sounds great, can’t wait to play with a friend of mine.

In Topic: CAGcast #678: How About Deez Grape Nuts?

04 April 2021 - 04:18 PM

Sure, if you don’t leave it hooked up, which maybe in your case it’s a space issue. I imagine most people don’t unhook PSVR from their PS4 every time they use it. Doesn’t make any sense.

In Topic: CAGcast #678: How About Deez Grape Nuts?

03 April 2021 - 06:45 PM

I think it’s hilarious that Cheapy went from completely anti-VR to huge advocate. I get the freedom that wireless gives you is a big deal, but the “difficulty” with setup and using a PSVR is completely overblown.