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Blog BmBoWnZ > New Blog Idea: Question of the Day #1

Posted 20 July 2011

I've always kinda wanted to do a running blog, and I figured something like a question a day might be somewhat easy, yet it would also encourage lots of feedback/responses from you guys.

My question for you guys is:

Why do so many people rip on sports games being little less than roster updates, saying how they'll pick up a 2 year old edition when it hi...

Blog BmBoWnZ > Are We Becoming Too Critical?

Posted 19 July 2011

Is it just me, or are people (including myself) becoming more and more critical and review-oriented?

What I mean by this is, do you find yourself unable to go see a movie without checking the average ratings on IMDB? How bout buying a game before checking IGN or Metacritic?

It seems like more and more, we can't rely on our own opinions. We have to find...

Blog BmBoWnZ > Fair PS3 Price?

Posted 01 September 2010

OK so I've decided to get rid of the PS3 phat I have, in hopes of scoring a well-priced Slim off of Amazon's Warehouse Deals, as many CAGs have done before. So I'm figuring out the pricing of my console to my friend. It's the 80GB model, that is not backwards compatible (Only 2USB ports in the front). Looking at recent eBay auctions, these seem to go from...

Blog BmBoWnZ > Best Sites for Reviews/Buying Guides?

Posted 13 July 2010

Hey guys,

When it comes to being a smart consumer, you need to know what you're buying. Obviously, it's not real smart to buy everything in sight in hopes of finding something you enjoy. This is why we have review sites. I know as far as movie/games/music go, MetaCritic is a great site to get a wide variety of reviews from major publications. But where d...

Blog BmBoWnZ > Gaming Progress and Pickups (June)

Posted 04 July 2010

Hello CAG, I haven't posted in a while and felt like I should sum up what I did this month. I made a few good pickups, and made some good progress in my games.

Gaming Pickups:
As far as pickups, I got a PS3 :applause: got a great bundle off of eBay, an 80 GB console (Backwards compatible) with 8 Games and a bluetooth headset for $264 shipped. I actuall...