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#14294899 Best Buy Xbox One Games Sale Forza 7/state of decay 2/ hellblade $9.99 +...

Posted by Ando on 05 June 2020 - 06:38 PM

any of these games not on gamepass?

Forza 7 and PvZ

#14253011 Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I (READ THE FAQs)

Posted by Ando on 05 January 2020 - 06:51 PM

Those signs were in every store regardless of their policy because at the time, WM was doing away with grocery price matching where customers could match ads from Kroger, Albertsons, etc. WM wanted to drive people to use their app and the Savings Catcher so they got rid of it. But it never affected pricing the website. I know the wording and different signs is confusing, but I work there and am have for years and in a management position for electronics, I have to take training on all of this stuff.

Bottom line, the policy is to match the website. Any store can refuse a price match but that is supposed to be on a case by case basis and is there to prevent people from taking advantage of insane deals or errors in store. Any store that flat out denies all price matches on qualifying items are not following the policy. If you use a store that doesn’t honor them, complain to corporate. Refusing an obvious glitch or a very low deal that would lose the store money is one thing. Refusing them all is just an ignorant manager.

We aren’t really saying the same thing. Stores should be matching the website.

#14252999 Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I (READ THE FAQs)

Posted by Ando on 05 January 2020 - 05:59 PM

We really need to get rid of this misinformation.

Stores do not have to price match. They are not ignoring company policy as it's their own policy to make. Each individual store can and does have their own policy for these things. Even on Walmart.com for the PM policy, though outdated, shows that "The manager on duty has the final decision on any Price match. Walmart reserves the right to modify the terms of this policy at any time."

This is different from the previous price match policy Walmart had where they PM'd multiple retailers as apposed to just Walmart.com and Jet.com (assuming that store allows PMs now, they just do those two sites).


So they aren't ignoring policy, they have the right to have their own policy and do. If they deny you, it's because they can and they do not price match at all. Some stores do PM though but not all. It just depends on the store.

This is incorrect. The old policy was to match particular retailers. Because of scams, they got rid of that. It’s WM policy to price match their own website on in stock items sold directly by them. What you’re mentioning in the fine print is a disclaimer virtually all businesses have when it comes to price match. Of course any retailer has the right to refuse a price match.

Sometimes the WM eCommerce division has a huge cluster of items they want to get rid of so they sell them massively cheap. A manager on duty in store can refuse that price match. Hell, a manager in duty can refuse ANY price match. But it doesn’t change the fact that the policy is to match the website when applicable. You are correct that each store picks and chooses when to enforce this as they see fit. Some stores it just depends on the manager on duty. The same store can have different policies just depending on who answers the call for help.

But the policy is to match the website. If you ask someone from the eCommerce side of things they’re going to back their managers and try to get you to order the item online. Hope that helps.

#14046076 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by Ando on 30 August 2018 - 04:02 PM

If I redeem rewards for a $10 off preowned certificate, can I use it in the 3/$25 preowned sale, making it 3/$15? Never used one of these before.

#14032628 Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I (READ THE FAQs)

Posted by Ando on 29 July 2018 - 10:01 PM

Does anybody have experience convincing employees to check the back for items and advice as to how I could go about it? There's a laptop at a store nearby that has shown the same stock level for nearly two weeks now and yet when I went in yesterday it wasn't in the cage and the employees were rude and wouldn't go in the back or even unlock the cage so I had a better view of the laptops. I know Brickseek isn't entirely accurate and it could simply be an error, but when I've used it at other stores it updated inventory pretty quickly and yet this computer hasn't budged.

I feel like's a chance it is in the back somewhere, but am not sure how I should approach asking because the laptop isn't being sold on their site anymore (Only by a third party) and it does not show up in the app when I click the store.

Well, as someone with almost 10 years of WM electronics experience, maybe they just don’t have what you’re looking for? There are numerous reasons why that laptop might show an on hand that isn’t really there. Chances are you’re not the first person coming by asking about it, you’re probably the 10th or 20th person, and the employees already know they don’t have it. I know as a customer you don’t feel they’ve done an adequate job in helping you, but try to understand that they have probably searched for other customers already and don’t feel the need to search again.

We just had a slew of clearance on laptops and tablets, some damn good prices. I love helping people find deals. But they went super quick. Now we have the sleazeballs, the people who come in wanting to buy all of it so they can turn around and resell for much higher prices. And they get upset if we say we don’t have something that apps show we have, or if we say we don’t have any in the back. I mean, we stock and bin and label and cap all of this stuff, we’d know if it were back there. In your case maybe the on hand showing is a display, or a clearance laptop not sold correctly, or was marked down again and not scanned correctly, or was stolen. And often times salaries members of management that are required to remove stock from inventory like that, are too lazy or hesitant to do so, which can lead to certain items showing in stock for weeks or longer when it’s not actually there. Stuff like laptops can be especially tricky because of displays and clearance.

If you want to be very sure about it, talk to the department manager. If that person is someone you’ve already talked to, ask for a salaried member of management. Tell them the Walmart app shows it in stock, don’t tell them the app is Brickseek or anything. Have the UPC ready.

It helps to have willing associates. If you came to or called my store about this, to be honest, I wouldn’t even be able to give you a straight answer on a couple item types because the door to the metal bins where we keep stuff like this is broken on one side, has been for months, and management doesn’t care to get it fixed. So basically if a customer wants something from the right side of the cage, they’re good. If it’s the left, they’re SOL.

If you know for a fact that any of the managers at this store are good people, get them. Even if you ask a department manager or salaried member of management, you can still run into lazy people who don’t care. And remember, there’s always corporate. Nothing lights a fire under a managers butt more than an email from the district manager.

#13927169 Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I (READ THE FAQs)

Posted by Ando on 15 January 2018 - 05:57 PM

Says my closest had the headphones for $38 but all gone. I know there's some gamers who work in electronics there now though so I may have a hard time with stuff going forward. One is an ***hat who told me "sorry the inventory said the SNES's were in stock, I know they're not I just bought the last two".

The bar none best solution to this at Walmart is to give corporate a call, tell them an associate at that store held merchandise back for themselves. Management will get an email that day and it will be dealt with. Corporate does not mess around with that, same if an associate is holding merchandise for themselves or even another customer.

#13919900 Target Clearance Thread XXII

Posted by Ando on 02 January 2018 - 11:51 PM

Why is there always some Target/Walmart employee that comes into these threads and tells us how corporate works? We get it, you were doing the training on the computer in the breakroom and read an update from corporate one time. Stop acting like you know how it works.

Computer, in the break room? What fresh hell is this?

#13919533 Target Clearance Thread XXII

Posted by Ando on 02 January 2018 - 04:34 PM

lol @ the idea that Brickseek is some sort of secret. As someone who has managed at both retailers, trust me when I say corporate knows about it and don’t really care. If a customer wants to come into the store looking for something, they view that as only a good thing. Feet through the door is what retailers want.

Go ahead and tell employees all you want about Brickseek. Show them the app and the price it says. At Walmart I have had customers do that to me and I will check the system and see that, yeah, there is a pending price change waiting and I’ll go ahead and change it for them. Or if they show me the system says we have X copies of Y game and I am pretty sure we don’t, I’ll go ahead and check the back because I might be wrong. Personally ever since UPCs were removed off the website, I’d rather use sites like Brickseek to find something for a customer.

What I can’t support is treating an employee badly because something isn’t in stock when BS says it is or because the price might be different. The guy who posted the story didn’t seem like he was being a jerk.

Don’t let it bother you SideQuest, this place is bizarre with the unwritten rules and entitlement and emotional responses to something as trivial as showing an employee an app he already knows about. I mean, imagine how many people come in there looking for these clearance items on a regular basis, especially during the holidays. And these people are freaking out like you’re gonna Ruin their party LOL

#13916009 Target Clearance Thread XXII

Posted by Ando on 28 December 2017 - 02:44 AM

I also found a large stash of clearance games I’d never seen before at my local Target today. None of them seemed super cheap though aside from RE Rev for Xbone at $6.

They were on an end cap in electronics, never seen a clearance section there before, hopefully they continue to just put them there.

#13885396 Gamestop Discussion (FAQ in 1st post)

Posted by Ando on 22 November 2017 - 01:32 AM

I don't know what JD means, but okay. Hrm.

Is it likely games like Wolfenstein and Shadow of War will sell out quickly [or by end of the sale]? I have no concept of what kind of stock stores generally get for BF.

If I could, I'd drive out there asap during the first day of sale, but it's just not a possibility.

I believe it is Junior Detective.

#13884555 Redbox Games On Sale

Posted by Ando on 21 November 2017 - 10:05 AM

I bought 17 games on Sunday, was shocked that I got 0 paper copies but more shocked at how pristine the discs were. Only a 360 Madden had a little wear on it.

#13838443 Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I (READ THE FAQs)

Posted by Ando on 24 September 2017 - 02:52 AM

i've seen vendors dictate what to do with game inventory to department managers before while shopping, as far as getting rid of inventory taking up their purchased space in the store.

Afterall, every Walmart is technically a glorified flea market, which is why they usually state why they can't price match with one another.

Must differ wildly by store. I work at WM and the game "vendors" have no say in anything at all outside of something obvious, like one time someone on our team was dumb enough to fill the bottom of a Nintendo case with PS4s. The Nintendo rep flipped when she saw, and rightfully so. They pay Walmart for that space, why would they want a competitors product there.

But as for the merchandise, Walmart has already bought it. A distributor will often times work out deals with retailers to reimburse for sales, but I've never heard of a vendor dictating what can and cannot be put on clearance. Most WM clearance, a vast majority, comes electronically from home office. We just read what is going on clearance, make sure the count is ok, and confirm it. That DR4 though, that's just a department manager maybe getting some direction from a higher up to clear out some game stock, that's a big markdown on a relatively new game. I think it still retails at my store for $40.

For example, we are pretty much barred from our management from making any sort of special clearance on games. A Sony or Nintendo rep can ask as nice as possible, it ain't happening. We're a newer store, when we opened our original electronics manager accidentally ordered like 300 Infinity Toy Story sets instead of 30. It took management like two years before they caved and allowed us to mark it down so that it would actually sell. I've got a copy of Madden 12 that has been sitting in the PlayStation case for like two years. Still have PS3/PS4 dual "upgrade" copies of NBA2k14 I believe. MLB2k13 on PS3. We still have over 100 copies of GTA V on both PS3 and 360 (same manager fucked that order up too) among many other games we will probably never sell because they're never getting marked down.

Most WM clearance should be standard across all stores. The really good deals though are sometimes very YMMV. People get upset all the time that we don't match other stores clearance prices. Like, I understand we're all Walmart, but we each have our own inventory and bottom line. Just because we ordered 300 Toy Story sets and had to mark them down and lose money doesn't mean neighboring stores should, too.

#13515706 Wal Mart Black Friday ad

Posted by Ando on 10 November 2016 - 06:15 AM

I distinctly remember some of those $8 games also being $8 in last year's Walmart BF ad!

At my store we still have copies of some of last years BF games, complete with the color coded stickers on them still.


I think I will bite on ReCore for $15, it's a great game imho. Not sure about anything else.

#13062338 Walmart Black Friday Ad 2015

Posted by Ando on 27 November 2015 - 04:05 AM

Wow, I wish I knew we had games that weren't in the ad, I'd have checked before I left work tonight. Would have snagged Old Blood on Xbone for $8 in a heartbeat.


Sucks to read about other stores pulling games and other stuff before the sale. I sold games out of the case at BF prices all day with no worries. If I'd asked a manager about it they'd have told me not to, but I figured, these are the prices online on the website anyway, and they're live in the system, so why not. Even sold one of the 70" Vizio TV's at the sale price at like 11:30 in the morning, nice couple and felt bad for them because they said they'd had problems with the website.


Overall I think the move to have everything online made a big difference, that and Walmart BF seems pretty meh this year. We weren't as busy as the last couple years. Then again we have new management and they did an infinitely better job planning it out, everything was spaced out much better. Usually we sell at least 12 items each with their own line right out of electronics, tonight we sold... 1 thing out of electronics, a laptop which we only had 2 of and it was a replacement for a mistake in the ad.


I hope when I go back at 8am tomorrow we have some of these delicious $8 Xbone games left.