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Blog Rig > My life-changing event happened today!

Posted 06 April 2012

Read my last blog post first...

I got new contacts. They're "hybrid" contacs; part hard and part soft. The eye doctor was impressed with just how much vision I was getting back by using them.

Did you read the last blog? You know the vision telescope...?

Well...I don't even need it! :bouncy:

I went to the DMV today and passed the vision test for...

Blog Rig > Received some (potentially) life-changing news today...

Posted 17 February 2012

Well, it's not 100% for sure just yet...but, I'm too excited and anxious now.

Some of you may know that I have very poor vision. I was born with optic nerve hypoplsia. Essentially, the nerves running from my eyes to my brain (which processes what you see) are damaged and not fully developed. Couple that with near-sightedness, and, seeing things is not...

Blog Rig > My growing Neo Geo (MVS) collection

Posted 22 April 2011

So, ever since I bought a 1-slot arcade cabinet with MVS games on Craigslist, I've gone deeper into the world of MVS collecting.

Still haven't got around to posting pictures of the cabinet, but, it's really nothing special. I had to add a couple buttons, and, one of them wasn't done that great. It's also a little beat up, but, I was mainly after the...

Blog Rig > My first Neo Geo (SNK) MVS game carts!

Posted 27 March 2011

So, I live in a small town (12,000 people)...surrounded by even smaller farm towns. I browse Craigslist a lot, but, don't really expect much from my area.

Well, a couple nights ago, I saw an ad go up for a Neo Geo arcade system with three games...for $300. In my town!

I excitedly emailed the seller. We chatted back and forth, and I talked them down...

Blog Rig > My fourth (and last, for now) pachislo machine!

Posted 04 March 2011

Got my last pachislo machine in the apartment yesterday. The girlfriend says no more machines while we live in an apartment. :cry:

Here's just a couple quick pictures:

21264 21265

This one was made in 2005. The woman I purchased this from is going to track down the belly glass variant and ship it my way.