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In Topic: amiibo Deals and Discussion Thread

Today, 08:38 PM

Hopefully available online?  I'd grab both at that price!

In Topic: Best Buy: Visa Checkout $25 off $100 (expires 1/21)

Yesterday, 03:21 PM

BS, you can't use RZ certs OR gift cards with the promo.

I was able to use both.  The certs and cards can't drop the total below $100.  If the total is >$100 after you've put in your cards, it should still allow the $25 promo.


EDIT:  I hadn't refreshed, and didn't see the reply just one post above mine!

In Topic: John's big thread of site news, fixes, updates, and more! Something b...

17 January 2017 - 09:09 PM

I can't remember...are we able to delete games from the Products pages? 


One of these needs to be deleted:


Pokemon Pinball:  Ruby & Sapphire

Pokemon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire


Maybe merge them and delete one?

In Topic: Best Buy: Visa Checkout $25 off $100 (expires 1/21)

17 January 2017 - 07:58 PM

I was able to get the router I wanted, use the $25 promo, plus a $10 surprise coupon from email, and $10 in rewards certs. 

My wallet is hurting, but I'm glad I was able to stack all this stuff.


EDIT:  Hell, I just placed an order for Splatoon 2 and Mario + a $5 gift card.  I know I'll get a Switch when Splatoon 2 releases...

In Topic: Pokemon Go

17 January 2017 - 02:39 PM

Thankfully, one of the Chansey I hatched was during the double XP event, so I'm over 50 candy (only having three Chansey).

Caught a 2150 CP Snoralx yesterday at a Pokestop.  Trash IV's with Lick/Body Slam.  He'll be fine to dump in gyms though.


That makes 18 Snorlax for me now.  I have more Snorlax than I've seen and caught of things like Doduo, Machop, and Magnemite!