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Mousepad Suggestions, along with Cost Saving tips?

04 January 2012 - 05:58 PM

Alright, I haven't been on these forums for a while now, but I did do some research so this shouldn't be a repost/rehash.

I've been using The Ratzpad XL for 4 years now and I've noticed that not only have I 'smoothed away' a sizable section of the mat, but I've also noticed a chunk of section under my mouse covered in scratches and whatnot.

So, I was faced with a couple of options.

On the mousepad:

1. I could buy a new mouse pad, but it has to be strong, durable, 'gaming-oriented', and very very inexpensive (expecting my first baby girl, and my wife will kill me if I spend money on non-baby-things).

2. I could build/hack one, but again, this needs to be cheap, inexpensive, and durable. I like what I say from this guy, using a Teflon mat and mounting it on a salvaged piece of aluminum.

3. Cheap out completely and pick out a cheap mouse pad for $1 from a dollar store, thought I really HATE those things. I prefer a hard solid surface.

On the Mouse itself:

1. Buy a new one. My current one is an old-skool Razer Diamondback LE, and I'm pretty much in love with it. I'm pretty tempted to pick up the newest generation from Razer, but that cost money.

2. Use teflon mouse tape/skates/pads to prolong my current mouse. Skates and pads are nice, but something tells me it's more economical finding the teflon tape on a roll itself, but I'm not trusting most of the websites that I've dug up on my initial research.

I'm looking for input from people who might have come to the same dilemma. Have any of you hacked together a mighty mousing surface rivaling that of Steelseries or Func pad? Where could I get Teflon tape on a local level, without either getting thread sealant or weird looks from a Home Depot associate? And all of this under $15.