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Blog johnnyrocker360 > Vacation Time! But no money.... NO PROBLEM!

Posted 01 July 2009

So i'm sitting here at a computer waiting for my shift to end. Once the clock strikes 7am i'm out for a week and a half. So I wonder to myself " I have no money to do anything wtf am i going to do?" Well that's a easy question to answer, complete some of my backlog! There are a few games I would like to finish while on my vacation. Mind you I am going som...

Blog johnnyrocker360 > Recent pickups and update on my gaming slump.

Posted 30 March 2009

So I got my PS3 finally, as I stated in my last blog. Now it's time to tell you what games I actually picked up and what ones I have finished so far.
Here is the list in no particular order:
Killzone 2
Resistance 1&2
Uncharted: DF
Rachet & Clank Future: TOD (also picked up quest for booty on psn for $10 thanks fellow CAG'S :applause:)
Star Wars: FU (game...

Blog johnnyrocker360 > I Have Seen The Light!

Posted 02 March 2009

Those of you that read my last blog will know I was talking about getting a PS3. Well I finally bit and got me a PS3 at BestBuy and got GHIII:LOR and the $50 GC deal. It was a pretty sweet deal and well the news is that i'm loving my PS3. The 360 can sit there for awhile and collect dust as I play all the games i've got or am getting from my fellow cags....

Blog johnnyrocker360 > I'm in a slump! But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Posted 19 February 2009

Well thanks for the 88 views and the 2 comments from my last blog. That's 87&1/2 more views and 2 more comments than I thought I was going to get so THANKS! In any case I stated in my last blog I was looking forward to completing Farcry2. Unfortunately I have not played it in like a month now. LOL In any case I am in a major slump right now for video game...

Blog johnnyrocker360 > Why I love video games.

Posted 04 February 2009

This is my first blog and I don't expect it to be great. I'm at work right now and i'm really bored and tired so if I have some typos you'll know why. In any case lately i've been so fucking busy with school, interning, and work the weekends never feel so good. Sunday night through Friday night i'm either sleeping, school, interning or work. Sometimes I d...