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Blog mrnivek > No Black Ops II from Gamemine, think I'm screwed...

Posted 17 November 2012

Earlier in October I preordered the game Call of Duty Black Ops II with credit I received from trade in of my old games I no longer used to Gamemine. This last Tuesday the game was released but the game was not sent to me by Gamemine. I tried calling Gamemine at 561-939-8052 but only get a voicemail box which I have left messages, but they do not...

Blog mrnivek > No new games at Blockbuster

Posted 11 May 2011

Went down to my local Blockbuster tonight to see if I could pick up the most recent game Brink and it was explained to me that due to bankruptcy that this has messed with their purchasing and they did not get any new movies or games today. Wow, we only have one Blockbuster after the other one in town closed and this is gonna kill them.

They couldn't real...

Blog mrnivek > Met the American Pickers Yesterday

Posted 16 January 2011


Yesterday I got to meet the American Pickers, they were appearing at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa Iowa. I've been on a roll after seeing the Pawn Stars Tours a couple months ago. I didn't really know what to expect crowd wise but I think everyone was surprised by the turnout. I knew things were gonna be crazy when the whole parking lo...

Blog mrnivek > Local Gamestop Robbed

Posted 01 December 2010

I know things are not that great with the economy but when I saw this story on my local news channel it made me wonder how bad things could get.

Link to story and video

Second link I found to the story

This Gamestop just opened a few months ago and I guess someone decided to make their own cyber monday deal and robbed the store in ski mask by...

Blog mrnivek > Pawn Stars Gold and Silver Road Tour

Posted 21 November 2010

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Last week I got the chance to meet a couple of people from one of my favorite television shows the Pawn Stars at the local Casino. Didn't have anything very interesting to trade so I just went along to enjoy the show and what other's brought. The question and answer session with Corey and Chumlee was interesting and worth the trip rig...