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#13457343 CAGcast #465: 4K-ish

Posted by duran603 on 12 September 2016 - 03:58 PM

As a daily IOS and android user, I think Cheapyd should be open to getting a non-Apple phone.  Last year, I traded in my iphone 5 for a Galaxy Note 4 and have had no regrets (I still use an ipad daily).  There are many cool things I’m able to do on my Note 4 that Apple will likely never allow on iphone, such as leaving handwritten notes on my home screen and expanding memory with a micro sd card.  Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages.  Unless you have tons of purchased content (i.e. games, movies, music, etc.), the experience on both platforms is largely the same, so it’s not that hard of a switch.  I have yet to find an app I used on my iphone that is not available on android.  If you aren’t that interested in mobile gaming and can deal with certain games coming to ios first, you can’t go wrong with either operating system.  Get the phone you want whether it’s an apple or android.  It will do what you want it to do just fine.  Sorry Apple and Android fanboys, your phones (and you for that matter) are not as special as you think.  

#13241748 CAGcast #441: Uncultured Club

Posted by duran603 on 09 March 2016 - 07:57 PM

As a married man, I think remote play (Xbox One does it best by far) is the greatest thing about this generation thus far.  I love playing games.  My wife loves watching reality shows.  Remote play keeps us together on the couch.  With my untethered Windows 10 tablet, I can sit next to her playing Rise of the Tomb Raider while she watches her shows on Bravo about washed up, fake, plastic surgery having, bankrupt hoes fighting with each other.    And during commercials, all I have to do is press pause, and reach over to caress her shoulder so she knows I haven't forgotten she's there and that I still care.  What's there not to love about remote play?       

#11639848 Nvidia Shield 16gb $199.99 Gamestop

Posted by duran603 on 25 March 2014 - 05:55 PM

for 200$ a vita/3ds is a much better buy for your mobile gaming imo

I do agree with you there. For mobile games, 3DS and Vita are the way to go. There's nothing on ios or android like Link Between Worlds. However, I'm not sure The shield is comparable to 3DS and Vita. Great for PC streaming and (ahem) retro gaming.