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Blog ares04 > Ever had a game spoiled from listening to a gaming podcast

Posted 14 February 2010

I have.

Which is why I don't listen to podcasts that talk about games I'm interested in. The only exception is when they are giving impressions from a preview build of a game.

I usually wait until I've beat the game before I listen to game-specific podcasts.

Your thoughts?

Blog ares04 > Do you buy new downloadable content the moment it's released

Posted 14 February 2010

I don't, mainly because downloadable content is discounted in random sales. This is very prevalent on the iphone. I remember buying peggle for $5 when it was first released, and seeing it being sold for $1 just two weeks later.

I also have a rule about not paying full price or $15 for any psn game ( the exception being street fighter 2 hd remix). If it'...

Blog ares04 > My Thoughts on White Knight Chronicles AKA Medieval Power Rangers

Posted 14 February 2010

Yea, its story is cliche but in in a good way. The world gives off this nostalgic rpg vibe. After playing some many games set in post apocalyptic war like environments, its nice to retreat to a world thats bright and vibrant. The story is just engaging enough to keep me playing.

Combat sucks... or so I thought.

In the beginning, the combat felt so slow...

Blog ares04 > Ever try to play through shitty gameplay just to get further along in a game's story?

Posted 02 January 2010

I have.

I was playing Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay last week and was really enjoying the story. I got about halfway through the game and got stuck on a part involving a mech suit.

After dying over a dozen times, I decided to just put the game down and play something else.

I probably won't be going back to Butcher Bay. Nowadays, I lik...

Blog ares04 > Why isn't the PS3 Remote Play feature used more often?

Posted 17 December 2009

I haven't got a psp yet ( I'm waiting for the price of the Go to drop) but if I did, games with the remote play feature would garner more of my attention.

How hard could it be to put this feature in? I mean all of the PixelJunk games have it.

Why the hell doesn't Megaman 9 or MK II have it? If the the upcoming Megaman 10 game had remote play, I'd be mor...