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Blog misterine > fuck you... Nexon.. and your bullshit

Posted 01 September 2010

So as you all may be familiar with the game maplestory because of the ads on MTV and other channels, I used to play. So I decided to play again.. and since I was a kid when i played i used to not care about my email address but now i do and when i requested an email change they said ok.

I waited... about six months then i get an email today.

it said

Blog misterine > Delete

Posted 07 November 2009


Blog misterine > Monster hunter portable...

Posted 08 July 2009

So i was riding the subway recently in nyc.. i noticed that capcom has brought some ads for their new monster hunter game. So being so awesome i decided to steal an ad and now its rolled up in my room somewhere haha:D.

Blog misterine > Starcaft 2 Beta Keys!

Posted 13 October 2008

NO this blog isn't going to give you any beta keys but if you are interested some asshole has it on sale at ebay for 2g starting bid!

do you guys think this is an ok...

Blog misterine > What pisses me off..

Posted 12 October 2008

What pisses me off as a gamer.. is when the company decides to use clam shell packaging. It's impossible to like rip off in the street you have to get your ass down at home and open it with a scissors, sometimes it doesn't even work at all. It's horseshit. Why can't we live in a box society instead of having plastic cut you, when opening it.