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Blog sthenic > Prototype 2 Demo Shown at PAX

Posted 16 September 2011

Activision was at PAX this year to show off an alpha build of their upcoming game, Prototype 2. It was a playable demo that they showed, although the only people who were playing the game were those directly involved in creating it.

So on to the details of the demo. As the developers have already said, you no longer play as Alex Mercer, but as Sgt. Jam...

Blog sthenic > The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword… Haven’t I played this already?

Posted 14 September 2011

Ocarina of Time. Right? I mean that was one of the best games that I have ever played. It was great and was revolutionary in so many ways. Majora’s Mask was pretty good too. It was just like Ocarina of Time, but, you know, different. The last Zelda game I brought myself to play was Twilight Princess. So that’s pretty much like Ocarina of Time,...

Blog sthenic > Syndicate and X-Com: Why Must you be FPS's???

Posted 13 September 2011

I might make myself seem a little dated here, but I have some pretty good memories of playing Syndicate and X-COM on my old 486 as a kid. I just don't get why developers want to abandon the type of game these games were and make them into a FPS.

It seems like an easy way to boost sales without taking time and effort to rehash a classic IP.

I would love...

Blog sthenic > Toys R Us Employees... Can't knock the hustle?

Posted 11 September 2011

So I went not TRU today to pick up Deus Ex and the cashier asked if I wanted to purchase the protection plan. I let her go through her spiel (I always let them make their pitch) and after she finished and I kindly said "no thanks" she looked around and came with a follow up pitch.

She said that once I am done playing the game, instead of me going out an...

Blog sthenic > Impressions of Mass Effect 3 Playable Demo at PAX Prime 11

Posted 05 September 2011

At last week's PAX Prime 2011, Bioware brought with them a playable demo of Mass Effect 3. Overall, it was a really cool demo that really highlighted some of the new additions that they are including in Mass Effect 3.

The most notable differences between MA3 and MA2 are a new skill tree, it's slightly more of a shooter, better cover system, and Shepard...