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Blog joeboosauce > Using cheats in video games now being called theft

Posted 07 February 2013

You may have heard of this exploit in Dead Space 3. The addition of micro-transactions already raised a stir. Well, because they have started this crap, it's causing some to reframe simple cheating into a perceived crime. Calling exploits and cheats in a video game theft is twisting things around. No, sloppy development and rushing out games is not the i...

Blog joeboosauce > Are video games the cause of the CT massacre?

Posted 18 December 2012

Have people wondered WHEN will Americans express the same outrage over the deaths of innocent children abroad (via Obama's murderous drone program) as they do with the shooting of children in Connecticut. This is violence they can actually exercise more control over compared to controlling the actions of a lone person.


Blog joeboosauce > Most likely the most realistic Presidential debate tonight!

Posted 23 October 2012

Moderated by Larry King nonetheless. (I wonder how the hell he agreed to do this.) Being broadcast by Al Jazeera, RT America, Link TV, and now CSPAN has agreed as well.

Obviously, not covered (censored) in the US mainstream media, but I wonder how many here have actually heard of this? If you have watched the Dem/Repub debates then you have a sense of th...

Blog joeboosauce > So, Repukes don't like online gaming...

Posted 05 October 2012

So, I posted this in the Politics vs thread http://www.cheapassg...ad.php?t=329569 and since its related to video games, I figured the wider CAG community should consider this...

Talk about demonstrating the lack of serious and legitimate criticism of your opponents. Online gaming? From the party of the brain dead and pious charla...

Blog joeboosauce > New Internet Censorship Will Shut Down CAG Forums

Posted 29 November 2011

In beautiful bipartisan love fest, the politicians have joined to push through crap legislation that will empower monopolies (and govt) to shut down those that say things they do not like. Sites where users post links can be held responsible for what is on other sites and be shutdown simply by allegation. It is a bill masquerading as an anti-piracy bill....