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#13248539 RARE Skylanders for Trade

Posted by joeybc86 on 14 March 2016 - 10:13 PM

I have the following RARE Skylanders Figures Available for Trade:


2 Trap Team Knight Light

2 Trap Team Wildfire

2 Swap Force Scratch

1 Swap Force Fire Bone Hot Dog

1 Swap Force Grilla Drilla-Fire Kraken

1 Giants Hot Dog


Pictures attached to post.  All are Brand New MINT on Card.


What i'm looking to trade for:


Swap Force Magna Charge

Trap Team Blackout

Trap Team Spotlight

Trap Team Wallop

Trap Team Krypt King


Or will also trade for a combination of the following figures:


Swap Force Quick Draw Rattle Shake

Swap Force Trap Shadow

Swap Force Freeze Blade

Swap Force Punk Shock

Trap Team Cobra Cadabra

Trap Team Fling Kong

Trap Team Flip Wreck

Trap Team Knight Mare


Trap Team Mirror of Mystery

Trap Team Nightmare Express Level Packs