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#11233065 CAGcast #343: A Fan of Yours

Posted by mrangrypants on 13 November 2013 - 11:02 PM

Just got around to listening to the podcast and I wanted to comment on the store provided extended warranties. Back years ago when I got my first X-box 360 from Best Buy I was offered the warranty for I think around $70. It lasted two years and I was told that if I ever had a problem with my console I could bring it into them and they would simply give me a new one off the shelf.


Well about 9 months later my console was a brick, I pulled off the hard drive and kept my controller but took the rest back to the store and they gave me another brand new one off the shelf, no questions asked. So then I took the HDD from the new one and simply sold it on craigslist for $120 and ended up with a free controller and a free game (this was at the point when MS started to package games in with the console). I was also given a $50 gift card because the 360 had gone from I think $450 to $400. I was told that I only get to claim the warranty once a year for the two years, so I got lucky that time. Well about 12 months later my console bricked again and I took it in. Well this go around they wised up and took the new HDD and controller from the replacement, but I was given another $50 gift card because of another price drop in the console by that point.


As I was finishing up claiming my second new 360 I was offered a new warranty but I was told that they had changed their warranty policy since I last bought one. The new warranty meant you had to bring in your console to the store, they would then have Geek Squad fix it up or, if it was too broken they would then send you a refurbished console. To which I said, That is exactly what Microsoft does for twice as long as your warranty, then I declined. All total I ended up with essentially three free games (one from the first one and a double packed game from the second replacement console) $100 in gift cards, $50 in cash after selling my HDD and deducting the cost of the warranty.


Moral of the story, if you wanted to buy a warranty it would have best been done six or seven years ago. Avoid any extended warranty like the plague now.