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WTS: Some used PS4/PS3 GAMES

22 March 2015 - 08:18 PM

PS4 games:
MLB 14: The Show $11
EA Sports UFC $18

PS3 games:
Nier $16
Tales of Xillia $18
Tales of Xillia 2 $21
Red Dead Redemption $6
The Saboteur $8
Lollipop Chainsaw $11
Splinter Cell Blacklist $10
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune GH $6
Uncharted 2 $6
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow $10
Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes $13
Heavy Rain $11
Final Fantasy XIII $9
Captain America Super Soldier $16
Killzone 3 $6
Valkyria Chronicles $11 Pending
UFC Undisputed 3 $13
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International $15
Bayonetta $11
Dante's Inferno $6
Ninja Gaiden Sigma GH $7
White Knight Chronicles II $15
Bulletstorm $6
Two Worlds II $7
Brutal Legend $6
LA Noire $6
Infamous GH $6
Resistance: Fall of Man $6
Resistance 2 $6 (There's some sticker residue on the back of the case)
Shadows of the Damned $11

Everything is used but comes complete and was kept in good condition. If it originally came with some sort of online code or some DLC, the code's probably been used. Only accepting paypal. I don't have much of a seller rep here or anything, but I can link you to my ebay profile if it'll put your mind at ease. Oh, and games will be sent first class in a bubble mailer.