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In Topic: Yet More Craigslist Stupidity!

Yesterday, 04:14 PM

"I'm definitely a child of the 80's... First time I played Duck Hunt was 1986...
Enjoy time with your family with family oriented games and watch the smiles on their faces as you re-live your childhood memories with your children.

Nintendo: 2 controllers, gun, and ORIGINAL Mario Bros/Duck Hunt. Needs AV cords and power cord.

I can pick up the cords the games need for re-imbursement for the cost of the cords. The system Is USED AND DOES work this evening, just need the cords. You can find the cords for $13 at Walmart.

Read Less"


So she wants $100 but she doesnt have the cables.......BUT if you pay her even more she will go to Walmart and get the cables.........I sold the same bundle with cords minus the 2nd controller last week on Ebay for $56 shipped. And shipping was almost $20 because it went from IL to FL. These CL idiots will never understand!

In Topic: 2018 Thrift Store Thread -- Share Your Findings Here

23 June 2018 - 06:34 PM

Goodwill- Gamecube Twilight Princess strategy guide-$0.50, Playstation controller extender-$1, Canon G15, DualShock3, and MAudio Mobile USB amp were $3 apiece. Screen on camera lights up but doesn't appear to show anything at the moment, looks like it was dropped. Will probably open up and take a look.



In Topic: Yet More Craigslist Stupidity!

23 June 2018 - 06:28 PM

Yeah when they raise their prices its such BS! Reminds me of the guy who was asking $40 for an N64, cables, controllers, and 6 games. I told him Id buy it if he could stop by my work since I was working until 9pm that day. He said he had to hear back from someone else first. He emails back and says "well I was informed by someone else that the console goes for $60 by itself so I could sell it to you for $40 but the rest is extra". I told him to Fuck off. Next day hes got the system listed for $50, the controllers for $15 apiece, and the games individually priced with high Ebay numbers! 

In Topic: The Official CAG 2018 Pick-Ups Thread

23 June 2018 - 06:18 PM

I got the Sonic/Dr Robotnic Pumas from ShopNiceKicks. Walgreens finally put more Kingdom Hearts figures out and they were on clearance for $6 apiece, 2 exclusive "Timeless River" Soras. OG Xbox and Dreamcast HDMI cables, LOZ Encyclopedia. camera batteries/charger from Amazon. Mario Tennis Aces from Best Buy. 32GB Nook HD+.....free! Someone gave it to our Reference librarian because they bought a Kindle Fire HD which is much easier to use for our eBook collection. She asks me if I want it because she had no use for it.........HELL YEAH! Probably going to root it though because most of my Google Play apps dont appear compatible.



In Topic: 2018 Yard Sale / Flea Market Finds

23 June 2018 - 05:58 PM

Really really wanted to go out today but I rolled my foot walking out of Walgreens the other day and this biatch is all fat today. I could only stand walking into my work to grab my tape to package up an Ebay box, walk down to the post office (theyre both in the mall), and back to my car! Grabbed some Taco Bell and now we're iced up!