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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Preorder - $29.96 from Amazon

23 January 2014 - 12:37 AM

Nice deal if you're looking to grab the newest Layton game coming out in a month.  Regular retail is $39.99



Best way to stay up to date with Digital Game Releases?

27 December 2013 - 09:55 PM

I'm pretty good about staying up to date with the big hits in the console game world, but I often find so many of the digital only games that release on PSN, XBLA, and Steam completely fly under my radar.  Not wanting to miss a good game, I'm looking for a good way to keep track of the tons of digital releases each week and which games are worth playing.  Already just looking back over 2013 I'm finding so many games I want to play that I never even knew about till I went looking! 


Maybe a website or something that focuses on digital releases?  I find too many good games go unnoticed. 

Modern Games Similar to Super Mario Galaxy? Platform/Adventure Games?

01 December 2013 - 04:45 AM

Does anyone know of any modern games similar to the Super Mario Galaxy games?  Basically the large level worlds where you accomplish a certain task in that level for a star/collectible.  Other examples of games like this would Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, etc.


Would love to find more games like Mario galaxy, but I actually can't think of any! 

WHATTTT... Amazon sells ATT phones AND contracts for WAY cheaper?!

10 September 2013 - 04:22 AM

I'm not going to lie, I'm fuming right now.  Just purchased a new family plan with the girlfriend and two new phones earlier this afternoon from AT&T's website.  I assumed that would be the cheapest and most effective way to get the phones and the contract, especially since AT&T's website keeps reminding you how you "get the lowest prices" when buying the phones direct and with a contract. 


Shortly after purchasing them the same day, I started browsing Amazon.com for a new case for the phone, and just happened to see that Amazon was actually SELLING the same phone itself for $100 less, a whopping 50% less to be exact.  I couldn't believe my eyes... I checked Amazon for the phone my girlfriend bought, and yep, it was there for sale too at 40% less!!!  WHAT?!!!


To see if I was actually in real life, I decided to add the phones to my cart, and then realized you can even set up and buy your whole ATT contract through Amazon, and it was 100 times more understandable and clear cut than ATT's website was as well!  Yep, a couple pages of checking out, all the same plan options and features available, and phones 50% cheaper than ATT's "lowest prices because you got a contract at OUR website".  We could have saved $140, which is substantial when you realize it's 50% of what you paid elsewhere.  I'll search for 10-20% savings, to miss a 50% savings feels like death, lol.  I'm just so pissed at ATT right now, it feels like I've been cheated and spit on, while ATT and laughing with the extra money I paid.


Is there anything I can do?  My order is less than 24 hours old, and I'm planning to call them in the morning to see if I can get reimbursed the difference.  I've tried to send an email, but apparently I need an account to do that, and apparently I need an activated phone to make an account.  Wonderful...  I thought maybe I could try to cancel the order, but it might be too late or ATT will start throwing cancellation fees in my face. 


Any suggestions? 


EDIT:  The worse part about this is that I am shopping on Amazon all the time.  I figured you could buy the phones there, you can buy the phones from any retailer, but usually it's just the phone and you pay the full $400-600 price.  Who would have seriously thought you can get an ATT contract at Amazon too?

Advice for getting Private Health Insurance for the first time?

27 July 2013 - 02:22 AM

Hey all,


I've been without health insurance since I was 18, almost 8 years now.  I've been REALLY wanting to get health insurance for YEARS now, but I've worked (and still am) as a contractor and have not been eligible for company insurance.  I've looked at the private health insurance plans many a time over the last several years, telling myself I really need it, but I ultimately get turned off by the confusing policies, and also the fact that almost all health insurance plans are simply not fair.  All plans are different on so many levels, and I get very overwhelmed by trying to figure out which is a right plan for me.  Not only just different price deductibles, but it's amazing to me how plans can differ on what they cover or not.  There seems to be so many exceptions to coverage, that in most cases, I often ask what the hell is the point of it if my insurance is going to make me pay premiums then say all the service I need is not covered?  The worst is that most plans say they won't even begin to cover for a diagnosed disease till you have paid for at least 12 months.... Frustrating.


Since I've made more income this year, I've been catching up on yearly doctor visits, but I definitely feel I DO NOT get the treatment I deserve since almost all doctors will never want to test anything that may be costly (which is everything).  As I get older, I want to make sure I am in tip top shape, not just have different doctors tell me "It's probably nothing".  Plus, it will be good to have insurance in case of any accident or medical emergency. 


Does anyone have any tips or suggestions when looking for a health insurance plan that won't make me feel ripped off and also cover most medical needs and tests?  I've only been looking online so far.