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Help me complete my Dreamcast collection.

27 April 2013 - 04:52 AM

I am looking to complete a US release Dreamcast collection.

The only games I am NOT looking for are the following:


Bangai O

Cannon Spike

Capcom vs SNK

Dynamite Cop

Gunbird 2


Mars Matrix

Marvel vs Capcom

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Power Stone

Power Stone 2

Project Justice

Record of Lodoss War

Resident Evil 2

Resdent Evil 3

Sega Rally 2

Sega Smash Pack vol 1


Soul Calibur 

Street fighter double impact

Street fighter third strike

Tech Romancer

the typing of the dead


Everything else I am actively seeking (including sports games). Games must be complete and in good shape. I have a ton of stuff to trade from this gen and older paypal is also an option.