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Blog Sa2vador > I Have No Life, and It's Thanks To Games

Posted 06 November 2012

I help out at an independent game store. I help out after class and help set up events.

It's because of this place that I don't really have free time. I enjoy just hanging out after class and selling stuff, doing midnight launches, and other stuff for the store and it eats up all my free time.

It all started last year before I quit Gamestop. I was goin...

Blog Sa2vador > Time to Give It Another Go...

Posted 31 October 2012


So about three years ago I tried to start blogging on here. Many life changes have happened between then and now and it just feels like a good time to try again.

Between my first entry and now, I became engaged to the girlfriend I had, but we split last year. It was a bad...

Blog Sa2vador > Need Some Help CAG's (Or How I Learned to Stop Worring and Love my RROD 360)

Posted 03 November 2009

Hello and welcome once again to my blog!!!

If you read the title you can probably surmise that yes, I have experienced the dreaded RROD!

***A woman shrieks and faints***

Ignore her. As I was saying, my 360 ringed and is going out tomorrow morning to hopefully get repaired. This is the first time I've sent out this particular system ( Halo 3 Edition on...

Blog Sa2vador > Hooray for My First (Blog That Is...)

Posted 18 September 2009

I feel it's about time I started one of these so here we go.

For starters, I'm a 22 year old male who lives on the East Coast with my girlfriend and two cats. I've been playing games since the just before the SNES came out and I actually remember going with my dad and brother to Walmart and buying a brand new Super Nintendo soon after they came out. Gra...