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Geek Squad came for TV repair; created worse problem

26 February 2017 - 03:26 PM

1 year ago, I had my bedroom TV replaced through Geek Squad Protection. I had to return 2 of the same model Sony TV they tried giving me as a replacement because of white blotches on the screen. The process was hell.

Finally, I paid the difference to "upgrade" to a 60" Samsung 4K TV with a 5 year Geek Squad Protection plan. That one has been giving me problems for a year now: turning off randomly, smart TV apps not working, blurry display.

Yesterday, 2 Geek Squad guys came out to replace a part. They did this by laying the TV face down on on my bed! So, I have no idea if the problem these morons were supposed to fix has been corrected, but they completely ruined my screen. Any dark scene is now marred by large white blotches.

Knowing this particular store, they will undoubtedly try to absolve themselves of any blame and screw me over once again. Any advice? I've attached links to a few photos of the damage they caused to my display. Before the "repair" yesterday, these screens showed up all black with no white blotches.