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Blog FOnewearl > Yardsales 7-24&25-09

Posted 26 July 2009


Populous With Dust Cover (SNES) - .50

First thing I found that I actually bought late morning on Friday .50 was the IAP and it was the only game from what the guy said when I asked about others as if he didn't have any other games that sold already.

Little Mirmaid, The (PC, GameBoy) -...

Blog FOnewearl > Yardsales 7-10&11-09

Posted 14 July 2009


Guilty Gear X2 (Boxed) - $2

This was the IAP price and I didn't even feel like haggling since it had an initial on it and was already cheap enough for me. This was the first sale I went to on Friday as it advertised "video games". Was lazy and got to it late, probably almost 8:30 bunch of games mos...

Blog FOnewearl > Yardsales 5-29&30-09

Posted 31 May 2009


Ms. Pac-Man Handheld (Made by Micro Games USA) - .10

I actually got this last weekend and it was the only thing video game related from yardsaling last weekend, it was marked at .10.

Donkey Kong Junior Table Top Arcade - $1.50

Went to a nearby area both Friday and Saturday this weekend since I sa...