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Blue's Blog > 2008 Gaming Tab

Posted 07 January 2009

I wanted to do this, and with last year's new year's resolution of keeping a budget, I have been able to track all my gaming purchases throughout the past year. I may try and keep it up-to-date this year with month-by-month purchases but in the meantime here is my 2008 tab!


Used PS2 (From CAG) - $70
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (Ebay) -...

Blue's Blog > Color Scheme Issues

Posted 02 July 2008

With the release of CAG 2.0 comes new things, and one of those new things is a new color scheme. Honestly, I'm not digging it very much as it doesn't have quite enough contrast or separation between individual posts.

Thank goodness for user stylesheets, which can fix that problem. If you're interested, here's the stylesheet I'm currently using to get som...