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Blog Kandal > Excessive Late Night Gaming = Bed Room Door Locked

Posted 04 January 2009

My wife has been complaining about my late night gaming addiction. Where I would start from 9 PM to somewhere around 3-4 AM. In other occasions I would be gaming all day. Little did I know it has lead to threats towards my PC and broken gaming accessories. I blame it on Left 4 Dead and my lack of self control. The game has got me so addicted to the point...

Blog Kandal > How I Got My Playstation 3

Posted 03 September 2008

http://www.cheapassg...&pictureid=1431 http://www.cheapassg...&pictureid=1431 http://i3.photobucke.../CIMG0315-1.jpg

It was early July the Year, 2008. The sun is shinning as the birds are singing. Everything seems to be going exactly the way the earth has p...

Blog Kandal > My First Kiss

Posted 01 September 2008

My First Kiss
Arriving back home from the First day of school. I find myself in an awkward/irony situation. It all started out as any other ordinary day. August 29, the year 2000.
Entering my sweet home I toss my back pack onto the bed and head directly to the computer s...