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01 May 2021 - 07:40 PM

My Screen Pass Eligible Movies





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09 February 2021 - 06:59 PM


Alice Madness Returns :  Online Pass / American McGees Alice

Assassin's Creed Syndicate :  Edward Outfit
Assassin's Creed Syndicate :  Industrial Pack
Assassin's Creed Syndicate :  Jacob Suave Outfit
Assassin's Creed Syndicate :  Master Assassin Pack
Assassin's Creed Syndicate :  Nighthawk Gear Set
Assassin's Creed Syndicate :  Pirate Pack
Battlefield 3 :  "Back to Karkand" Mini Digital Stategy Guide
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare :  Nanotech Pack
Darksiders II :  Rusanov's Axe
Dauntless :  5 patrol chests, 10 premium bounty tokens, 30 ace chips
Dauntless :  Combat Essentials Bundle
Dauntless :  Dauntless: Gunslinger Bundle
Devil May Cry 5 :  Monkey Business Add on Pre-Order Unlock Key (Devil Breaker skin for Nero)
Duke Nukem Forever :  Hail to the Icons Parody Pack
Dungeon Hunter :  Champions Invoker Starter Pack
For Honor :  Digital Deluxe Pack to unlock 7-day Champion Status and other great in-game content
Forza Motorsport 7 :  Driver Gear (ARV: $1.00)
Forza Motorsport 7 :  Hoonigan Car Pack (ARV: $6.99)
Gears of War (Xbox 360) :  Full Game
Gears of War (Xbox 360) :  Full Game
Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360) :  Full Game
Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360) :  Full Game
Gears of War: Judgment (Xbox 360) :  Full Game
Halo 4 :  Specialization Priority Alpha
Injustice: Gods Among Us :  Green Arrow - Arrow Skin
James Cameron's Avatar: The Game :  GameSpot Weapon Pack DLC
Marble Blast Ultra :  Full Game
Mass Effect 3 :  M55 Argus Assault Rifle
Minecraft :  Minecraft Earth - Overworld Skin
Minion Masters :  Void’s Onslaught DLC
Paladins :  Champion Bomb King and Monarch Skin (Xbox/PS4/PC)
Rise of the Tomb Raider :  Explorer Card Pack
Sea of Thieves :  Obsidian Six Item Pack
Sea of Thieves :  Spinal Figurehead
Shadow of the Tomb Raider :  Yellow Shadow Band Resource pack
Splinter Cell Conviction :  3rd Echelon Map
TERA :  Valkyrie Quick-Start Pack
TERA: Reloaded :  TERA: Starter Pack 
The Wolf Among Us :  Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors
Tom Clancy's Division :  Agent Origins Gear Set
Trials Fusion :  Fallen Angel Bodykit Upgrade
Warframe :  75 Platinum
Warframe :  Vectis Sniper Rifle and Vectis Tekelu Skin
Watchdogs :  Monster Energy Promo Weapon
Watchdogs :  Monster Energy Promo Weapon
We Happy Few :  exclusive Jolly Brolly weapon
Xbox Avatar Store :  Darksiders Joe Mad artwork shirt (Female)
Xbox Avatar Store :  ESPN College Bowl Showdown Jersey
Xbox Avatar Store :  Gears of War - Baird Goggles
Xbox Avatar Store :  Halo 4 Global Championships "sKILLS" T-Shirt (Female)
Xbox Avatar Store :  Injustice: Gods Among Us - Flash Logo T-Shirt
Xbox Avatar Store :  Kinect Adventures Heli Avatar Prop
Xbox Avatar Store :  Kinect Sports: Season Two - Cool Green Ski Outfit (Male)
Xbox Avatar Store :  Plush Carrot Mascot
Xbox Avatar Store :  Rise of the Tomb Raider - Lara Croft Avatar Outfit (Female)
Xbox Avatar Store :  Xbox Ambassador Balloon Rocket
Xbox Avatar Store :  Xbox Ambassador Chat Bubble Hat
Xbox Avatar Store :  Xbox Ambassador Chat Bubble Shirt (Male)
Xbox Avatar Store :  Xbox Ambassador Crown
Xbox Avatar Store :  Xbox Ambassador Warrior Helmet
Xbox Game Pass :  30 days (+ 1 month if auto-renew is enabled) - New Subscriber Only
Xbox Game Pass :  30 days (+ 1 month if auto-renew is enabled) - New Subscriber Only
Xbox Live Gold :  14 days
Xbox Live Gold :  14 days
Xbox Theme :  Verizon Alan Wake Exclusive Theme
Xbox / Microsoft Gift Cards
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06 February 2021 - 07:42 PM

Old 1600 "Microsoft Points" ($20 USD) Xbox gift card.  I'm unable to redeem on my US account, maybe someone else will have better luck.  


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16 January 2021 - 12:50 AM

New Games with Gold (US)

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06 January 2021 - 10:46 PM


Screen Pass to the first 3 to quote this post.





No takers, so here's a drop for the lurkers  8-)