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Blog Destructor > Good experience with Gamestop's Customer Service :shock:

Posted 29 March 2010

So, you guys remember the whole buy 1 get 1 free fiasco gamestop.com had on the 03/18/2010? I was one of the lucky ones to get there on time to purchase Darksiders and Left4Dead2, and the process went smoothly for me.

Well, I chose the 5-10 days free delivery option and was waiting patienty for it to arrive. So, after 4 days, I kept checking the trac...

Blog Destructor > UFC 103 at the American Airlines Center

Posted 27 July 2009

:DWell, I believe tickets started selling last week for UFC 103, and now I'm finally able to attend a live event.

Since 2003, I've been lurking around the mixed martial arts scene for awhile, slowly gathering information about the fight game. Now, for those who follow MMA news, you guys should know about what went down so far this week.

After the col...

Blog Destructor > Keeping a Legacy Alive

Posted 15 June 2009

Have anyone of you felt the weight of the world on your shoulder before? Has there been a time where someone entrusted their legacy to you, but just thinking about maintaining their dream makes you uncomfortable?

Recently, something like that has happened and someone close to me is coming to terms of their obligated duty. I'd like to say obligated duty...

Blog Destructor > Lottery tickets

Posted 06 May 2009

Well, for the past a couple of months I've been observing a friend of mine who does this bi-monthly purchase of rampant lottery scratch off tickets, or when the BIG Mega Million grand prizes yet to be unclaimed. So, while observing, he makes a purchase of say, in between 40 to 50 dollars, mostly on scratch offs.

There would be different dollar amounts,...

Blog Destructor > Walmart Site to Store

Posted 06 April 2009

This would be my first blog, maybe my last, I don't just felt like writing. Anyways, the other day I went to guy buy a hdtv and didn't want to go over 500 dollars, so I was there for about a hour searching and asking questions. When I finally wanted my t.v (26 inch Vizio 720p for $398), they said they were out of stock. So, now I look around and say what...