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Blog Freemason > The Chase Goodrich Cancer Benefit Fund - Please Help

Posted 25 May 2012

Hello Fellow Cheapasses,

I will start with the sexy video of me at our company sponored lunch to explain the details and save me some typing.


My Father-in-Law passed April 1st to Cancer, being diagnosed stage 4 in October 2011, my good friend Joel Goodrich had his wife were diagnosed with similar Cancer in January. They married on April 27th and...

Blog Freemason > Need Someone that can Order me a Russian Mass Effect Steelbook!

Posted 27 January 2012

ok, so short and sweet, i see a copy HERE but even through translating with the free programs, it becomes quite frustrating to get through order completion with me actually thinking I got the order in.

Is there anyone that can perhaps place an order that can understand the site and order process? I can Paypal the cost to order and ship and toss a few b...

Blog Freemason > My Best Friend and Gaming Partner is in a Coma.. Please send Cheapassprayers!

Posted 13 October 2011

My Best Bud and gaming friend Nick was hurt terribly last night. Earlier yesterday he was working on a roof for his company work and fell from it. He broke his skull, jaw, and lost all of his teeth. he is currently in a coma and is being kept in one medically while they try to save his life. He is heading into surgery to have part of his skull removed...

Blog Freemason > Child's Play 24 Hour Gaming Marathon - Starting - Saturday Dec. 4th 8AM CST

Posted 02 December 2010

Hey all, just wanting to drop a line and use this space as my hourly update to my 24 hour marathon coming up this Saturday. Starting at 8AM CST to Sunday 8AM CST I will be gaming for 24 hours straight with only 1 30 minute breaks to eat and restroom breaks as it deems needed. I have made sponsorships from work, online, and a few gaming communities to dona...

Blog Freemason > Failout: New Lages?

Posted 26 October 2010

I LOVE Fallout. I played the shit out of Fallouts on the PC up to 3. I played the hell out of that on PC and then my 360. After about 20 hours on Vegas... I have had 14 system (360) lock ups exiting vendors or locations, several quest glitches, sever game lag at moments, jacked up physics and glitched NPC's. Just to name a few issues, there is also the wh...