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Blog Count > I entered a furniture design contest!

Posted 30 April 2013

I entered a furniture design contest; This is me hoping to become a background designer or furniture renderer on the video game market one day. :bouncy:

I really hope I win this one. At least finally, it will feel like I achieved something in life.

If I win, I will do a big giveaway to CAG. xD Maybe giveaway a PS3 or something.


Blog Count > Minecraft Game Card giveaway

Posted 30 January 2013


I told you guys I will be doing more giveaways :bouncy:.
This one is really simple, just retweet and follow my twitter you're good to go.
Retweet Link
Follow my Twitter Page

Also, while your at it, check out my website and feel free to browse around....

Blog Count > Creators Club Gaming Giveaway.

Posted 25 December 2012

We are giving away a $10 PSN card ;) Visit here for details .
Or just follow and post this on Twitter:

Anyways, I want to introduce you guys and gals to my website. It's a website that emphasizes creativity on video games.
We will be posting articles about Gaming merchandises, fan-made arts and videos, Little big planet tutorials, games as art, ind...

Blog Count > How do I ship certain items?

Posted 26 June 2012

Ok, I've been selling on Ebay lately, and shipping seems to complicate it a bit.

I've shipped these items:
- A Yugioh card (successful)
- A strategy guide that weighs 2 pounds and 12 oz. (Somewhat of a fail, I paid for Medium Flat Rate Shipping..)

I want to ship:
- Video Games
- A 4lb 12oz. Book (School book)
- Manga

Any suggestions how to ship these p...

Blog Count > Creators Club

Posted 30 March 2012

Wassup CAG, I've been working on my site pretty hard yesterday, and I want to know what do you guys think about it. :lol:

Creators Club game site is about creativity when it comes to video games, ranging from mods, arts, videos, and etc. I don't know yet if I should go for really high quality articles OR cram in as much contents (I know this worked on my...