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Blog The_Spaceman > Game Manuals

Posted 03 January 2010

Newer games come in cases that can hold the manuals, so they are all set. My older games (SNES, N64, GB/C/A) did not. I have the older manuals separate in a box, while the games for them are in other storage units. My N64 games for example are in a pull out drawer unit. I think this is a horrible inefficient way to store both.

I would like to know how yo...

Blog The_Spaceman > 2010 Resolutions

Posted 02 January 2010

Since it's the new year time for some resolutions. This year they are more or less goals for me.

1. Declutter my life

Right now I have a lot of what I call junk that is taking up space. I would consider myself a pack rat of a sorts. I have Transformers that I don't want anymore. There is a variety of old toys that I don't want. I am working on a plan...

Blog The_Spaceman > The Christmas Mysteries

Posted 27 December 2009

So my Christmas went pretty well I got some small things from my family and the biggest thing I got was about $400 in cash. I was asked what I want from my family and I told them cash. What I really wanted was to have them pay for the A+ certification test I am going to take next year. Knowing my parents they would have gotten the wrong ticket for me to t...

Blog The_Spaceman > Merry Christmas

Posted 25 December 2009

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I'm not a religous person and I don't buy into the PC-ness of Happy Holidays. Which makes it odd that I celebrate Christmas, more so as a tradition. I hope all you gifts are protected from space invaders and that you gathers bring you happiness. :)

Blog The_Spaceman > And So It Begins . . .

Posted 22 December 2009

This is my first blog on CAG. I'm not really much of a participant in the community, but I think it's time to change that. I plan on writing about my life, gaming, and the universe.

Well before we begin this blogging journey I should talk about myself a bit. Let's see I'm 25 working in the IT field and so far I love it. I've been at my current employ...