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Blog Jmclark > Got my Dreamcast! First Impressions...

Posted 20 August 2009

Well, as the title says, I got my Dreamcast today. I ordered it Saturday from a guy on Amazon for $39, but since I had $15 in credit (Thanks Swagbucks and CashCrate!), I ended up spending $24.

When I saw the USPS truck pull into my driveway, I was so happy. Until, I found out that it had insufficient postage. I had to spend an extra $5 to pay for that....

Blog Jmclark > I might as well start a blog...

Posted 20 August 2009

Well, considering how a few days ago was my CAGiversary, I figured "Hell, I'll start a blog when I get the chance." I guess I have that chance now. So, let's get started.

My name is John, I'm 13 (14 in a few weeks), and live in Maine. I started a blog last year, but I broke my promise of keeping up with it. :cry:

I haven't been "seriously" gaming for th...

Blog Jmclark > Time to Give This "Blog" Thing A Try

Posted 22 January 2009

(referring to the title, yes I know what a blog is, just I'm gonna try to keep up with one now)

Ok, so here goes nothing. My name's John, I'm 13 and live in Maine. I enjoy gaming (I wouldn't be here if I didn't), chilling with friends, sleeping in school, playing basketball, running track, doing crap online (more on that crap in a later post), and jammi...