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Blog jas0 > Neglected Gaming 10/25 - LBP, Wii Music, Burnout

Posted 25 October 2008

3050 LittleBigPlanet --I'm on World 5 and it's a blast. Can't wait for online and to play some co-op. Beauty in its apparent simplicity. The Dia De Los Muertos style level was well done. I love the "Saint" sticker too --depicting Our Lady of Guadalupe. Still waiting on the Kratos code to become active.

Wii Music -- Now this music game I can get into....

Blog jas0 > Add to the Backlog: Amazon Gold Box PS3 8/27

Posted 27 August 2008

Here we go with another Amazon Gold Box. Last time they had the Wii Gold Box I picked up Metroid Prime 3 for 30.

My PS3 collection: MGS4, GTA4, SC4, Warhawk

What could they post that would be worth getting?

Burnout Paradise. (cheaper than ~20 --I'll despise the open world)


Blog jas0 > Neglected Gaming 8/26

Posted 27 August 2008

1986 As of today I'm past Challenge 45 on Bionic Commando Rearmed for PS3. After Contra 4's challenges (only finished half) these are pretty much a cakewalk. The precise timing, the button combinations --sometimes it's a form of torture, but you keep going no matter how many attempts (+120).

I finished BCR on easy, so now to try normal/hard.

Gaming I'd...

Blog jas0 > Warhawk thanks to CAG

Posted 23 August 2008

1940 Felt I needed a dedicated multiplayer game to round out the PS3 collection. Thanks to this week's Gamestop coupon I picked up Warhawk used for $16. Was debating between 60-50 dollar set with bluetooth vs 30 dollar greatest hits vs 30 dollar PSN.

Installation was fine except for the ambiguous message to 'restart after installation.' Restart the ga...

Blog jas0 > Smithy Strikes (Again)

Posted 22 August 2008

1936 Super Mario RPG is out in Japan and Europe for Virtual Console.


The day it's out in North America, I'll buy a Classic Controller.

I loved the environments in this game. From mine cart races to musical tadpoles to cat head bosses. There were many hidd...