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Posted by ErekoseDM on 10 April 2018 - 09:01 PM

Listen raising the price of PS+ by as much as $20 here in Canada and removing the free monthly PS3 and Vita games is arrogant as Fuck and I don't even own a Vita. Will Sony offer an extra PS4 game or two to compensate?

They will not.


"Update: Asked for clarification, Sony told Polygon that the PlayStation Plus lineup will consist of two PS4 titles — and no other free games — starting next March. "

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Posted by ErekoseDM on 22 June 2016 - 03:26 AM

Anyone have opinions on Crystal Defenders?  Hoping it's something challenging and more like the old Starcraft/Warcraft3 tower defense maps than like Plants vs Zombies.

I played the iPhone port. It's a great phone tower defense. It looks the same scaled to the psp or ps3 version.
It played similarly to Defenders Quest but with a much smaller map. It was mostly cramming as many high level units in confined spaces. But it was fun.

#13356718 PSN Weekly Deals - 7/12: RePlay Sale! $8 N++, $8 Galak-Z,...

Posted by ErekoseDM on 06 June 2016 - 06:19 PM

It would be a short game, as soon as you turn it on it explodes in your hand.

that's what she said.

Nailed it.

#13184660 PSN Weekly Deals - 7/12: RePlay Sale! $8 N++, $8 Galak-Z,...

Posted by ErekoseDM on 02 February 2016 - 08:21 PM

Spent a little over an hour with Nom Nom Galaxy's tutorial over the weekend... it's quite good so far.  Glad I spent a few bucks on it.
I'd compare it to Terraria gameplay with a little bit of steamworld dig and managing resources for upgrades.  It's great to be able to mix and match ingredients to make new soups... does the game have a compendium of the soup flavours created?  I'll probably play it some more over the next few weeks and find out anyway, but it'd be nice to know when I complete the tutorial that the  recipes are there.

Hit the touchpad iirc and it lists all the soups in a grid.

Love the early update, hope this remains a "thing" going forward.  Tempted by Sword Art Re Hollow Fragment for $5 but reviews say if you don't follow the anime then the game isn't for you.. anyone else have an opinion on this?  Symphonia is a steal at that price, would grab it if I didn't already own it.  Wish Zestiria PS4 was cheaper, will likely wait on that or buy it physical.

Only played hollow fragment on vita and I loved it. Didn't even know there was an anime.
It reminds me of the .hack series on ps2 (the first one), would be awesome if they brought that to the ps4 as well.
Upgrading to ps4 Re:hf when I buy a psn card later today.

#13138041 PSN Weekly Deals - 7/12: RePlay Sale! $8 N++, $8 Galak-Z,...

Posted by ErekoseDM on 05 January 2016 - 01:51 AM

It's not really a space flight sim. You're a space trucker that hauls stuff across the galaxy and occasionally gets into fights, so it sticks to the one plane. You'll have to wait for No Man's Sky if that's the thing that kills it for you.

Hello Games is already killing me with the coming "Soon" = "Juoon".
Was hoping to be halfway to a decent ship by now :( at least they put a June date out there to quell the fervor.

The space trucking was great in freelancer and galaxy on fire 2 and was hoping for a bit more of that style on ps4.
S.p.a.z. was good with similar limits but different viewpoint unless the 4x looking screen shots are selection screens and not market data.

Thx for the info more mulling it over for me unless there's some beefy launch discount to do the thinking for me ^_^

#13109971 battlefront ps4 digital 29.99 @ boxed deals

Posted by ErekoseDM on 19 December 2015 - 08:40 AM

Link for the lazy. OOS currently but will probably be back in stock sporadically.


#13053853 PSN Weekly Deals - 7/12: RePlay Sale! $8 N++, $8 Galak-Z,...

Posted by ErekoseDM on 25 November 2015 - 09:24 AM

Mother Fuck er. You added that in after I posted! That's impossible I never miss ANYTHING! You hear me?! ANYTHING

Saw right through me,
You know how i dos it.


#13050928 PSN Weekly Deals - 7/12: RePlay Sale! $8 N++, $8 Galak-Z,...

Posted by ErekoseDM on 24 November 2015 - 06:45 AM

Actually that doesn't tell him P4G is 3.26 GB. To find that out, he could just google P4G size and somehow with google devil magicks it not only is the first response, it is pulled and given as a math answer thing.

p4g filesize.jpg

#12996287 PSN Weekly Deals - 7/12: RePlay Sale! $8 N++, $8 Galak-Z,...

Posted by ErekoseDM on 30 October 2015 - 05:34 AM

I know that man, but the post says 10/29 which made me wonder if new sales were added.
Sales started 10/27

Trails in the sky's 2nd English game came out yesterday 10/29.
They have a sale for the first one to promote the second game.

Have it on PC but I'll have to wait for a sale. It was $30 on Gog launch day.
I'd get it on ps4 if it were an option but it's psp+vita.
Even the first game I'd double dip at $10 if it were ps4 just for the larger screen, controller and remote play on vita/tablet while "multitasking" (watching tv).

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Posted by ErekoseDM on 03 September 2014 - 06:35 AM

I got the same "content expiring in 30 minutes" message 2 days ago on the PS3.  My Plus doesn't expire probably until the PS5 comes out in 7-10 years from now.  I quickly saved, quit the game and then rebooted it and haven't seen the message since, though, I have finished the game since then.  I've had this message once or twice before last year while playing with different games.  Just quit out and reload the game, and you should be fine...as long as your Plus subscription wasn't ending on that particular day, which yours wasn't.  


thanks for the response.


hopefully its some residual bs from lizard squad or something.

naturally a forced stop is super annoying.

moreso salt in the wounds for me since i have both physical copies of Dragon's Crown, and downloaded it to have my disc game as an alternate.

i had planned to chain the labyrinth of chaos til my gear turned to shreds >_<

(to level up the seal)

#11730104 eBay - $5 off any game, any console

Posted by ErekoseDM on 02 May 2014 - 07:57 AM

code worked 2 mins ago. Got Chrono Cross black label and seemingly pretty minty.

(no ps+ or any of that nonsense)


thanks for posting the deal!