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In Topic: New PSP owner - couple of questions

22 November 2008 - 09:26 PM

oh and dont' forget powerstone collections, which is two games in one for less than $15 new these days.

In Topic: October NPD US Hardware/Software Sales

17 November 2008 - 05:22 AM

lol yeah, I like Sony's product and I think they had a good product in the PS3, but Sony need to manage the console better. High Price, poor release (many titles held back over a year), 2006, and 2007 versions of Madden were poor. The one strength that Sony will have is that their console has longevity, and that the PS3 can stay on the market for a while - (until it does churn a profit). Also, Sony has bad ports of games (initially) it's suffering like the PSP did when it first launched. Also, Sony got rid of BC in their console... bad bad move. I know that looking solely at video game sales, Sony is taking a loss on the PS3, however I KNOW they've made profit on blu ray products, thats a market that was created and sustained by the PS3, a market that would have been divided should the PS3 not have had a Blu Ray player. If I was in charge of Sony... I'd make a smaller more sleek and cheaper PS3, and release it at a cheaper price and release it with 2 free games and a movie. basically, I'd do what Nintendo did for the DS lite... the DSL released at 129.99, 20 dollars cheaper than the DS (phat) and came w/ a free Brain Age. It was a deal that even I couldn't refuse.. Also, Sony needs to sell cheap PSN games in the stores... people like to see cheap software on the shelves.

and how exactly do you propose they release a 'smaller more sleek and cheaper' ps3???

They would have to redesign it and a process like that would cost them more money than they stand to rake in. Only successful consoles will have a redesign or many redesigns over a lifecycle (ie. psp, ps2) vs. consoles who don't do very well keep one form over a lifecycle (ie. gamecube, xbox)

In Topic: October NPD US Hardware/Software Sales

14 November 2008 - 10:04 PM

that's true sales != quality but we know what happens when sales are bad... erm.. dreamcast.. quality dies off.

In Topic: the end of used videogames?

14 November 2008 - 10:02 PM

Never played it, but I've heard that the PS2's Kill.Switch was kinda same-ish.

absolutely, I made the connection IMMEDIATELY after playing gears for the first time. I was like, 'wait did Namco make this or Epic???' It's obviously a killswitch rip.

In Topic: the end of used videogames?

14 November 2008 - 09:13 PM

doing DL games can screw them too. One guy can d/l it to 3 friends machines and split the cost of a game. So they'll lose out big time that way.

would be nice to see gamestop go under.... Offering $12 for a $60 game even if it's SEALED. what a joke.