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In Topic: The Home Arcade Tremendous Deals and Discussion Thread

27 March 2021 - 08:14 PM

I got A1Up's Legacy Capcom cab today.  That cabinet design wasn't thought through and I didn't really consider it myself, but you'd think someone along the way would have realized sticking the marquee out that far in a 3/4 scale cab wasn't going to work great.  If you're taller than maybe around 5'8"/5'9" you're not going to see the entire screen if you want to play this standing up with the riser thanks to the marquee no longer being recessed.  I've got one of their stools, so I guess it's not the end of the world, but.... not great.  

In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Global Outbreak of...Delayed Shipping

02 February 2021 - 12:10 AM

so bojay by himself and the rest of us in another thread?

No, I'd be in the normal LRG thread, too, but I'm not sure there is a point bothering anymore.  I can just check out their announcements and feedback on twitter.  This thread has just become toxic.  And now we're at the point where people are acting like Josh's parents judging him for what he spends (or spent) his money on.  It just seems like it's going too far. 

I did get shipping notices for 4 more items today.  A couple days ago I received shipping notices for a couple of replacements I had requested.  I received a couple of games last week.  When I contact customer service, they are quick to respond.  They follow up without me having to check after them.  I get they've been slow.  I get that I care less than most probably would.  But, for me, the positives outweigh the negatives and I - like most in this thread - do not buy from them with blinders on.  

In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Global Outbreak of...Delayed Shipping

27 January 2021 - 02:04 PM

The long delays suck, but those are not entirely on LRG. They have to get these games cleared and published by Sony, and given their small print runs, I'm guessing Sony puts LRG titles on the lowest end of its print priorities. It's not like LRG, or any of these smaller publishers, can just go to a local Kinkos and get these made. It just doesn't work that way. Just buy the games you want, or wait to preorder it at Best Buy if that's an option.

No, it's entirely on LRG - their company, their responsibility.  This is their business model.  There wouldn't be a "delay" if they operated differently.  But, since their entire model has the customer footing the bill upfront for production of the product, every pre-order is almost a more reliable Kickstarter.  They sell way more product than they can handle while maintaining a more "acceptable" delivery window.  I'll give LRG a pass for any delays once product is handed off to a carrier.  Everything before that is on them, though.

And that's not me complaining.  I really don't care, but I don't expect most to be the same.  I'm in no hurry for anything.  But, hopefully most know by now what they are getting with LRG.  I have no expectation as to when something might arrive.  I've had cases where something ships and I barely recognize the name of the game.  For anyone not wanting to wait indefinitely (most people, I'd guess), I can see why LRG would be a huge dissatisfier for them.

But, I am almost always happy with the end product and their customer service has been really good.  The actual fulfillment of replacement items/parts is just as slow as everything else, but the actual customer service part of it is pretty responsive and accommodating.  

In Topic: The Home Arcade Tremendous Deals and Discussion Thread

25 January 2021 - 11:24 PM

I had the same problem after my GameStop account was compromised. I had to switch to my wife's email and her phone number. I tried another email I used and some other options but that was the only solution that worked.


Thanks - I have also tried my wife's account and got the same thing.  Maybe I'll try another one using one of my kids' names.  I would've tried to contact Gamestop, but that doesn't work, either.  Well, i haven't tried calling, but I just can't even imagine getting through that call.

Geeze.... should have tried that before.  I did try ONE other account, but not two.  It worked when I created a new account.  

I did have a problem a LONG time ago when I couldn't even log into my account.  That was how I ended up with a second account using my wife's e-mail address.  Now, I guess I'm on #3.  Hope the two pinball machines ship.  Best Buy has them listed, but not orderable... and they are $50 higher than Gamestop for some reason.  

In Topic: The Home Arcade Tremendous Deals and Discussion Thread

25 January 2021 - 11:00 PM

Did anyone order the Capcom Legacy cab from Gamestop?  I have been trying for about a week and it always errors out with the " "oops! We can’t process your payment. Please select a different payment method or check your payment details including your billing address." message.  My payment method/billing address is correct.  I've tried three different credit cards, two different accounts, three different browsers.... the same payment info works fine on other sites and I have the two A1UP pinball machines on order using the same card.  I'm starting to guess that it's just out of stock since this is reminding me of the goofy error messages when trying to get the PS5/XBOX Series X on some sites.