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Blog The Linguist > Video Game Art

Posted 23 February 2011

This has probably been posted by someone else on the site, but I couldn't find it.

The Smithsonian is putting together an exhibit on the Art of the Video Game, and they're seeking input. You can vote for the "most visually spectacular" games across several eras.


You choose your favorites from groups of 3 games within va...

Blog The Linguist > Attn: Wii Pervs, Your Days of Perving are numbered!

Posted 14 March 2009

I think we can all agree that there is no media outlet more highly informed and attuned to nuance than your local TV news. We recently had evidence of that in Missouri when they reported on a tremendous threat to our children: Child predators on the Wii!

Apparently some kids were contacted by strangers (read "perverts") online while playing Animal Cross...

Blog The Linguist > Does your TA have an accent?

Posted 05 February 2009

On a recent CAGcast Cheapy was talking about difficulties understanding instructors who were not native speakers of English. I'm sure any of you who attend(ed) universities with graduate programs in math, engineering, the sciences, etc. are familiar with this issue. Even though most schools require that their international TAs and professors pass some kin...

Blog The Linguist > Why cheat (in school)?

Posted 04 February 2009

I gave a quiz in my class last week - I'm a college professor. This was just a simple, 5-point quiz meant to check that the students had done the reading assigned for that day and had been paying attention to the previous day's lecture. Basically if you came to class and read what was on the syllabus, you couldn't fail, and if you did fail, it's not a big...

Blog The Linguist > It's good to be old

Posted 26 September 2008

At just north of 40, I am old, by CAG standards anyway. While this comes with some downsides, such as sucking at most games. It has certain advantages. Of course, there's the absurd overabundance of wisdom thing as well as the ability to make mowing the lawn in black dress socks and shorts work.

Recently I've come to realize a couple of other benefits of...