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Blog draven1089 > Troll'n a Troll or WINNING

Posted 20 April 2011

Yesterday had to be the most fun I've had on this site to date. As I wrote my first blog ever I couldn't imagine the fun it would bring. :bouncy::bouncy:

To catch people up, Chacrana dropped a troll blog on CAG stating he intentionally ran over a dog. I have to admit at first I fell for his trap and must give props where they are due even if it's a dist...

Blog draven1089 > Chacrana Troll'n

Posted 19 April 2011

So I dont usually blog but I feel the need to after the blog named I think I murdered... Lets give a little insite to the blog as below is what was posted.

Guys today I ws driving my car when a dog ran in front of it. It was a Charlie dog about several inches tall and fairly white. I was like 100 feet away and I could have stopped but I didn't. NEways...