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Blog CL-Insanity > Happy New Years!!!

Posted 31 December 2009

Yes, Happy new years to all you cheap ass collectors, scum bag resellers... and just overall penny pinchers....

Look for my thread of how I nickel and dime and trade my way to a PS3 here in Vegas....

Yes, the place I trade the games in will be lowballing me... but I will be balling even lower to add to my collection....

Blog CL-Insanity > "The Conduit" and Animal Crossing Wii

Posted 15 November 2009

I just realized that my favorite two games on the Wii are basically the most mundane (Animal Crossing -- shake trees and plant flowers) and one of the more violent (The Conduit -- kill people and see the skull)...

Blog CL-Insanity > Rant - Craigslist Marketing 101

Posted 30 January 2009

This is just a general rant about some of the marketing "strategies" on craigslist. Almost like a top 8 of my pet peeves when looking for something on craigslist. These aren't particularly in an order... but rather whatever jumps out at me as I write.

"Brand New" -- Hey, it's brand new if it hasn't been used. After you "used it only a few times" or "on...

Blog CL-Insanity > Yard or Garage or Estate or Moving Sale RANT

Posted 30 December 2008

I go to many sales as part of my part-time job/hobby of buying/selling Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games and consoles... if I happen upon something else of interest maybe I will pick it up.
I don't care about going to a Yard sale that's actually in the garage. I don't mind going to an Estate sale when they aren't moving. I don't even mind going to...