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In Topic: Animal Crossing: City Folk - Gen. Discussion and info

16 March 2013 - 09:42 PM

Maybe I also need to update my sig on here... :)

In Topic: Animal Crossing: City Folk - Gen. Discussion and info

16 March 2013 - 09:41 PM

I am thinking about committing to starting a new city and playing the "right" way....

In Topic: Yet More Craigslist Stupidity!

25 January 2013 - 10:36 PM

Ok... OK... It's getting old.... but
C'mon man!!! Be cool!!!!


95ptn-3571347320@sale.craigslist.org [?]
flag [?] : miscategorized prohibited spam best of wii u Nintendo land (sw)

Trade for another wii u game

Should I offer him my Black Ops 2 for it?? Seems fair!!!


In Topic: Yet More Craigslist Stupidity!

09 December 2012 - 03:29 PM

I love this...$450 for a Wii with 4 controllers and a couple of games.


I almost did the Handsome Jack when he blew that gals head off when I read this. That will get me the Deluxe Wii U and Zombie U + Super Mario U. Got to love people.

"Hardly" played, homie!! What's your problem? I know you believe him!!! Get real. I am sure he is telling the truth... what with the three different styles of steering wheels... I sure he played it two times at the most. No need to run back to the store and get another wheel because Timmy is coming over tonight.

Yes, I'm bored!!

In Topic: Yet More Craigslist Stupidity!

30 November 2012 - 12:42 PM

I don't understand why the just don't return it at this point...

My guess is that they maxed out their ONLY credit card trying to flip these...
You try going back to Wally-World with 6 of these ... saying "I changed my mind about my nieces and nephews..."

Oh... btw ... it's getting even worse (better)...


Wii u deluxe set 32gb best deal unopen in box - $300 (Las Vegas)

Date: 2012-11-29, 8:19PM PST
3mx5q-3444650891@sale.craigslist.org[?] No low baller $300 cash only
Best deal anywhere in craiglist
Great gift for Christmas
Call fast 702-:3ds::cry::hot:-7565