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In Topic: Newegg - EVGA GeForce 9800GT videocard - $50 after rebate

08 August 2010 - 10:13 PM

Just got my 9800GT today and it's pretty nice. I didn't bother overclocking or anything, it's running at 57C. More than happy with it :)

In Topic: Left 4 Dead 2 for sale/trade (360 version)

07 August 2010 - 08:25 PM

I'll do 20 through paypal if it's the PC version - but I'd like the key emailed to me before you ship it so I can DL it ASAP. I just got my 9800GT and can finally play this game, otherwise I'm going to just buy the pack through Steam.

In Topic: [Back in Stock] Wild Arms XF PSP - $19.99 through Amazon

05 August 2010 - 03:38 PM

I would disagree with you Squarehard and say it is a moderately rare game, however rare doesn't always mean expensive. If there was a reprint, it'd be less rare than it was before (and that seems like this might be the case.) I know used copies have floated around 15-25 since release, new copies never went above $40 though and Amazon/everywhere else has been sold out since at least Dec. of last year.

In Topic: [Back in Stock] Wild Arms XF PSP - $19.99 through Amazon

05 August 2010 - 03:03 PM

This is a SRPG/TRPG and not a JRPG like other Wild Arms games. If you haven't played many TRPGs, I'd recommend staying away from it. If you're a Wild Arms fan or a huge TRPG fan, go ahead. The game is pretty good looking, the gameplay not so much. It's very difficult and not in the "oh I actually have to think" kind of way. More-so repeatedly do battles until you get somewhat lucky and somewhat pick the right classes.

Not as bad as Eternal Poison but no where near as good as a good PSP TRP, like Jeanne d'Arc. I paid 30 used for it, so 19.99 isn't a bad price if you really want it for a collection.

In Topic: Newegg - EVGA GeForce 9800GT videocard - $50 after rebate

05 August 2010 - 07:58 AM

I'm thinking of getting this along with this PC:


Any thoughts or better recommendations?

Yeah I would skip on that for sure. Like someone else mentioned, the PSU is terrible. Other problems [I] noticed was the case has poor ventilation and is small. That's the Achilles heel of the 9800GT - overheating.

If you look at the value of the parts alone (comparing to newegg)
-CPU 115
-PSU (So small that it probably carries no to little value) 20
-Motherboard (No info on what the mobo is - but a good mobo, which this surely isn't priced at...) 80
-6 GB ddr 3 ram - about 45/chip 135
-case (bad case) 50

That comes out to about $400.

Now with parts solely from NewEgg..

Gskill 4gb DDR3 - $96 - Gskill makes the best ram

Here's the reason for 4gb of ram... In order to run 6gb you need to run it in triple channel, however finding a motherboard that is compatible with *everything* is impossible. The processor I picked out runs AM3, and I would guess you'd want SLI to run a second 8800GT. Additionally, the ram is DDR3 1600 speed (supported by this motherboard, but many older ones do not support it.) 4gb is more than enough to run this setup, and in the future (because the mobo has four ram slots) you can add another pair to run in 2 dual channel pairs (4 2gb chips work, 3 do not - unless you have a triple channel board. HOWEVER if you do wish for more than 4GB of ram, I'd go with 2 4gb chips. It's more $50 expensive than 4 2gb chips, but will have future uses ( 2x 4gb http://www.newegg.co...N82E16820231311 )

Combo-deal on Processor/PSU
AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz I'd go with an AMD - much more power for the price. This should be quite a bit more powerful than that processor. These were actually the two I had found separately then noticed they had a combo deal. So yes, they're both great parts.

$20 rebate

One of many decent, ventilated cases - $70


$495 total.
475 with rebates.

However it is SLI compatible and it is compatible with the RAM & AM3 processor, and it'll give you a hell of a lot better performance than the prebuild. Plus tigerdirect is evil and they won't get any money.

Now the catch... this has no harddrive, no Windows 7. I prefer builds with two harddrives - one smaller harddrive (~160GB) for the operating system, one larger one for data. Plus, 1TB is quite large. A 1TB drive goes for $90, a 500GB goes for $55. This is all down to personal preference, but for the sake of a small budget lets go for the 1TB.

Total Price Now: $565 (Woot same as the TigerDirect machine - no videocard)

And the other problem - Windows 7. This all comes down to what you want/have as well. If you HAVE an extra copy of XP or Vista around the house, you can get an upgrade to professional for about 60% of the full price. Otherwise you'll have to pay $149.99 for it. If you are a student with a .edu email address, even better. You can get the UPGRADE (once again, requires XP/Vista) for 29.99 from Microsoft (http://www.microsoft...re/windows.aspx)

565 + 29.99 for upgrade with .edu (digital copy) = 595
565 + 89.99 for normal upgrade = 655
565 + 149.99 for full copy = 715

If you truly consider buying that setup... I'd highly recommend getting a second opinion in case I messed up somewhere - but it seems correct.

RAM matches mobo
PSU matches mobo
Videocard matches mobo
CPU matches mobo
SLI supported

And finally add 9800GT the videocard.

TLDR (With 9800 GT)
http://www.newegg.co...1-193-_-Product 4gb ddr3 1600 gskill RAM - 96.99
http://www.newegg.co...st=Combo.468987 CPU/650 watt PSU $209.98 after $20 rebate
http://www.newegg.co...9-215-_-Product Case $70
http://www.newegg.co...0-235-_-Product SLI Ready motherboard 99.99
http://www.newegg.co...N82E16822136284 1TB WD Harddrive $90
http://www.newegg.co...0-535-_-Product EVGA 512-P3-N987-TR GeForce 9800 GT (49.99)


And for a second (no-rebate) videocard.

Also might want this... (DVD/CD reader/writer)


EDIT: Other notable mentions...
Nicer case ($10 more after rebate)

A step down from the above case, but the same price with no rebate hassle

A better version of the motherboard. (139.99 after rebate)
Main differences = allows for 3way SLI (I'd recommend 1 260 versus 3 8800's though), 1 more SATA connection, allows for hybrid SLI (I do not know much about this), probably better compatibility because of a newer chipset. Also two LESS USB connections.

16.99 wireless card
http://www.newegg.co...N82E16839121008 (THIS WILL TAKE UP YOUR ONLY PCI SLOT.)