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Blog The Boognish > My very quick review of 50 cent: Blood on the sand.

Posted 01 March 2009

The Club with a weak story + the words "bitch", "shit", and "fuck" thrown around every other word.

Score: 7/10, at best a rental.

Blog The Boognish > (Book Review) Mass Effect: Ascension

Posted 08 December 2008


I'm always a sucker for reading books based on games I enjoyed and recently finished the second book in the Mass Effect series written by Drew Karpyshyn, who had written the script for the game and faithfully keeps the world between the books and games exa...

Blog The Boognish > On the eve of Black Friday...

Posted 27 November 2008


I feel the need to remind myself just how ridiculous this day is going to be and that I have to put my priorities in perspective by rewatching What Would Jesus Buy.

If you're unaware of this movie it's a (mock)documentary of Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping choir who are on a cru...

Blog The Boognish > Did you hear the one...

Posted 03 November 2008

...about the guy who works for the Democratic Party who finds out that he is getting laid off the day before the Presidential election? no?

yeah I just found about it about an hour ago myself.

So November 13th is apparently my last day at a job I've spent the better part of 3 years working at and just in perfect time for the holiday season. Thankfully...

Blog The Boognish > Man uses 36 WoW accounts!

Posted 12 October 2008

I'm sure this has been seen by a few CAGs and maybe posted on the messageboard but I thought I would make a blog post of it as well.