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Blog hankmecrankme > I love me some nuggs. ^__^

Posted 15 March 2012

Yo, so Imma be straight with you. I love me some nuggs. Chicken nuggets, son!

These are Tyson, which aren't the best, but do the trick in a pinch. Sauce is Sweeeeeeeeet Baby Rays Honey BBQ sauce, which is awesome.

Great Value nuggs and Meijer nuggs crush Tyson nuggs, believe that.

What nuggs do y'all like?


Blog hankmecrankme > Hank vs. The Marketside Roast Beef & Cheddar sandwich from Walmart

Posted 24 January 2012

So I'm always looking for tasty food to eat, right? I spy this big ass bastard at Walmart the other day. Shit looked tempting, so I bought it, $5. It's a foot long. Subway's lawyers hung up on me when I informed them of this fact. [-(

Here's the bastard, still in its plastic wrapper. They do a good job of selling it. "MADE FRESH IN STORE!" "GENUINE PRIMA DELLA MEATS AND CHEESES." "Rustic French Loaf." And so on.


When we remove the bastard from the wrapper, we are left with this. It's longer than my paper plate by a good amount.


The bread feels pretty fresh, nice and thick and a bit crusty. Let's see what we've got going on under the hood. . .


Pretty standard fare here, though the cheese doesn't completely fill the length of the sandwich. Instead, they overlaid some pieces for whatever reason. Easily corrected.

There's actually a good amount of roast beef. The sandwich weighs in at 1 pound, and I'm sure the meat takes up over half of that weight easily.

And since this sandwich is essentially just bread, meat, and cheese, we shall spice things up a bit with a few ingredients.


Blam. I added a whole tomato, a bunch of onion, some bacon, and applied mayo to the top half of the bun. Now this is more like it.

The bastard is too big for my plate and I don't want to end up wearing half of it, so we cut it in half.


We take a bite and. . .It's pretty tasty. The roast beef is of decent quality, the cheese not so much but it gets the job done, and the bread handles the mess without falling apart. It's a bit dry though, so it may be hard to swallow without some condiments.

Pic after the first bite.


After finishing half of this bastard, I was pretty satiated, so I put the other half in the fridge for later. It'll make a nice midnight snack. ^__^

Overall, if you want a decent roast beef sandwich for $5 and you're in Walmart, this is most likely your best choice, outside of hitting up the deli and making your own. Or going to Subway and paying $6.50 or whatever their roast beef costs. Or hitting up Arby's and being reminded of that one girl you'd like to forget. You were drunk, and we all slay a dragon at some point.

Next time I may just snag a can of beef au jus and make it into a big ass French dip. :bouncy:

Blog hankmecrankme > Hank vs. The Bomb

Posted 18 January 2012

On my way home today I swung by a local gas station. While looking at the drink section, I noticed they had a deal. Buy The Bomb burrito for $2.69 and get a 20 oz. bottle of water for free. Pretty amusing combo, so I took them up on the offer.

Here is the beast next to a ruler. Pretty impressive.


Fresh out of the microwave, hot as hell.


Remove the wrapper and you've got this. It's fairly large, barely fits on my stylish paper plate. The tortilla holds up better than you'd expect.


Take the first bite and we discover beans, meat, and onions, mixed in some red chili sauce. It's actually pretty tasty, surprisingly.


Halfway through.


Just over a fourth of the way through. You can see the texture and consistency of the meat in this pic.


Here's a side shot. Looks like a car wreck.


Here's the last bite. Whew, I"m pretty damn full at this point.


And voila!! The end. Not much grease escaped the tortilla, making this something you could easily eat with your hands and not end up a greasy mess.


So I conquered The Bomb. My thoughts? Pretty damn tasty, despite how it looks. For a gas station burrito, it's pretty top tier. Recommended if you don't mind the 960 calories and 48 g of fat....

Blog hankmecrankme > I Love Burgers

Posted 08 September 2011

Yo, so check it, I'm starvin' and it's lunch time, dig? So I say "What do I eat?" I dug up a pound of ground beef, half a pound of thick cut peppered bacon, an onion, a tomato, and some sliced Wisconsin cheese.

Fire up the grill and grill that shit!!


Bacon's done, son. 8-)


Now we remove the metal grilling pan and let them burgers cook!! Don't want them to overcook though and dry out. That would be most unfortunate.


Next we add the cheese!! Only to one though, because that's the one I'm eating for lunch!!


The finished product!! Minus the tomato, because I like to put that on last. There's a whole slice of onion on the bottom.

So good. :drool:

Blog hankmecrankme > Hank's Special Pork Ramen

Posted 06 August 2011

I'm sitting at home tonight and starving like a mofo. So I decide I want some of my favorite ramen, Nong Shim Shin Ramyun.


This shit is the fucking bomb. It's basically top shelf packaged ramen with a spicy kick of heat that'll stick with you for a bit after eating it. It's like 99 cents a pack, so you know it's some good shit.

I peruse the fridge for things to add to it when I spy pork chops that I grilled the other day. I sliced one up into 12 strips and cut up half of a yellow onion. Boil the water with the onions in it, toss the ramen and dried veggies in, cook for 3 minutes, add powder and pork, stir, remove from heat, wait about 5 minutes, then serve.

Shit is so delicious. :drool: