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Blog advanced > advanced's First Pick-Up Blog!

Posted 06 October 2010

(Sorry about some of the pictures. I discovered my camera was broken after I decided to do this, so I had to use my cell phone)

I always see others posting these things, and this is the first month in a long time where I went out and bought things and went to shows and what not, so I decided I'd post one too!

The month started off with a game I had been...

Blog advanced > Doing the Fanboy Shuffle

Posted 25 August 2010

My girlfriend's brother bought a Wii the night they were released and, to him, it was the greatest thing since sliced bread....

Up until he sold it to fund his newly purchased 360, which was then the greatest thing since the Wii....

Up until he decided that he'd make the PS3 his new 'main' console and now, thats the greatest thing ever.

Anybody else ha...

Blog advanced > How Does One Beat a Fighting Game? or Does One Ever Actually Beat Fighting Games?

Posted 14 March 2010

This past year, I've decided to keep track of what games I've beaten and the dates I've beaten them. I've also been very open to my definition of what "beat" has meant. For games like Uncharted 1 and 2, I've played through the story mode once, yet for games like Wolverine Origins, it was a full 1000/1000 GS.

I figured that as long as I did what I set out...

Blog advanced > Merry Christmas. You're PS3 is breaking/broken.

Posted 26 December 2009

Long Story (Scroll down for Short Story):

Some back story here: I got my PS3 last year for Christmas, a gift from my girlfriend, and I've rarely used it. I love it, but I don't play enough games on it to warrant its constant use, and I'm not a movie buff, so Blu-Rays hold none of my attention. Although its sat for the better part of the year, I've kept...

Blog advanced > Washed GameStop Edge card

Posted 14 November 2009

(I wasn't sure where to post this, so I thought a blog would be better than posting it somewhere wrong on the forum.)

I went to Disneyland last night and my pants got wrecked from Splash Mountain (I got shafted with sitting in the front of the boat). As soon as I came home, I quickly put my pants into the washer to get the stank of Disneywater off them....