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Blog ITDEFX > Need advice on being a web master for a music group company.

Posted 27 September 2014


In the last two weeks I have been in early talks with someone at my work about the possibility of managing his web site. At first I thought it was something small like for a small group of artists but after the meeting I had the other day it is bigger than I thought.

I explained to him that it would need to start small and progress as I learn more a...

Blog ITDEFX > Giving my mother in law a tablet/new pc....afraid she's gonna f' it up.

Posted 29 December 2013

So 3 years ago I helped my then gf's mom get a new pc. Ever since then she's been downloading games/buying games like puzzle and mystery type games..but no rpg/fps/action type games. Just the simple stuff. I don't know where she's been buying them but almost every time I come over I find a whole load of crap on her computer ranging from browser plug in...

Blog ITDEFX > Wife wants an Ipad for school...should I get something similar?

Posted 17 July 2013

So my wife claims that she wants an IPAD for school as it will help her out. I have been totally against this idea as she has a laptop and I don't like the idea of her carrying around a 500 dollar tablet. It's what she wants for our one year wedding anniversary gift. I have tried to convince myself on a reason why I should get a tablet even for me...but t...

Blog ITDEFX > My wife got the Iphone 5.

Posted 10 February 2013

In my last blog I ranted how my wife was bitching about wanting to get the Iphone 5 so she can I message international text with her brother in Sweden for free. I have no idea if it would work considering everything is monitored on the network and international charges would apply for such texting.

Some of you gave some great advice but in the end you...

Blog ITDEFX > Does my wife really need the new IPHONE now?

Posted 05 February 2013

Seriously? For MONTHS my wife has been bugging me about getting the iphone so she could talk to her brother using some apple app (Imessage?) for free even internationally without being charged for it. I have warned her time and time again that if she answers a cell phone call from her brother, it will charge her an arm and and a leg a minute! Not to m...