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In Topic: Halo infinite @costco 29.99

28 February 2022 - 10:28 PM

yeah, it's a gamble if they'll PM with the steelbook that's why I suggested you buy it first w the steelbook so they hopefully won't see it when they adjust the price. That's how I was able to get the extra steelbook for Yakuza. 

Yeah , went to another BB.   Got shot down hard.   Got so many excuses like,


-"Has to be the same day"

-"We don't price match xx.97 because it's on clearance.  I know I use to work there..",

-"We can't accept copies of the receipt (When the actual receipt right in front of them),

-"It's a bundle so we can't PM it."

-We have to see it on the web site (when the web site has it higher than the actual store :bomb: )

Then the LOD had the audacity to ask if they had any more, in which I said, "If you can't help me , then why should I help you?"

Yeah I might as well return the bundle to BB.   The only problem is that digital code.  I could hear them making excuses about that "We can't return it because we don't know if you use the code or not."

In Topic: Halo infinite @costco 29.99

27 February 2022 - 11:32 PM

If you want the steelbook, I recommend purchasing the game at BB at their price and then having the price adjusted/price matched another day.


As far a price-matching, the online price at Costco is $54.99 so that won't work. Either try getting a picture of the in-store tag or show them a copy of the receipt from Costco.

So I tried what you suggested.   Placed the order online, got the steel for free and a code for a skin or whatever and the game.   Picked it up.  Showed them a picture of the receipt of when I bought it at costco and they wouldn't believe me.  So I finally tracked it down at another location because when they reprinted the receipt it was some generic print out with no logo or anything making it questionable.   I bought another copy and went back to BB and they *ALMOST* did it until they realize that because its a bundle they can't honor the price.  IF I get the game without the steelbook then yes they will honor that price.  They wouldn't budge.


In Topic: Halo infinite @costco 29.99

16 February 2022 - 09:50 PM

Just saw yesterday at Manassas, VA Costco.  It was 19.97!!


Holy shit.  

Question.   How can I PM that with the near by best buy so I can get the steelbook as well?


When I try to pull up the web site for the price, it says you have to log in to costco.com    Anytime I do a PM, the associate pulls out their cell phone to check themselves.