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Looking for a Tablet with keyboard/Laptop JUST for school from Best Buy.

28 March 2018 - 02:00 PM

Back in late 2016 I bought a Digiview 10 inch tablet with keyboard for 80 bucks for my daughter so she can watch videos during long distance car trips.   Ended up getting a Amazon Fire tablet later on and we kept that one for use and I put the Digiview tablet back in the box and left it alone for about a year.

Beginning of Jan 2018 I started school again to get my master's degree and needed something portable JUST for school.   I decided to us that Digiview tablet and it worked.   First day of school it decided not to respond and was stuck in it's reset screen.  I let the battery die and I was finally able to get it to work and it was fine for several weeks.   Last day of class it died so it lasted maybe 8 weeks of use?


Fast forward to now.  I used my best buy reward credits and bought the Insignia 11 inch Windows 10 tablet with Keyboard.  It was actually nice as it had two USB 2.0 and a USB C port.   I bought a case/cover for it that looks like a leather book case giving it a good protection but it creaks every time I open the tablet with the cover on.


The Tablet itself it ok/slow.    I am thinking of taking it back and getting something a little bit more powerful from best buy.   Can anyone recommend something around 200-400 bucks? 


The reason why I liked the size of the tablet is because I was able to read the books for the class using the Kindle app.   Now the Kindle app for the old Digiview tablet was android and it looked and worked great.   The Kindle program on the Windows 10 Insignia tablet is crap.   I am looking for something that works well enough to last me 2 years of this program I am taking.   I am really not going to be playing games, some netflix/hulu/youtube.    I really don't mind android as I like to customize it with different launchers but I notice these tablets have only 2gb of memory and 32gb of storage on board with expanding storage via MicroSD cards.  


Let me know!