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04 February 2013 - 07:00 PM

invest a few pts in drop ship command, field mechanics (most definitely), and shield boost systems. these will keep you alive, especially the field mechanics.

kaza - it really depends on how you play. i really like the militia assault rifle. i even switched back from the level 2 rifles back to the freebie one. dont go heavy armor unless you want to be a tank heavy because the weight/movement penalty is too large. i ran across 5 clan members all playing heavies. they were almost unstoppable with their gear. i got a few of them playing carmaggedeon before they killed me with anti vehicle nades. at those high levels, without help with others, i can only go head to head against them with speed shotty (scout + shotty + kinetic mods). Try the speed shotty out with the militia scout dropsuit + militia shotgun + militia kinetic mod + militia shield extender.

have you played all the default classes? does one seem easier to you? once you find a suit that you like (heavy, assault, logistics, or scout), try to get the specialized racial suits for that class. they are significantly better than the militia dropsuit. the general advice is to spread out your skill points to see what you like. to be elite, you need to be specialize. for me, i'm playing a logi bro (medic/engineer). so i spent all my sp on staying alive to heal and revive dying and dead people (got a level logi suit, shield boost systems to L4 (increases shield recharge rate) to qualify for shield control that permanently increases my shield max, and had a L4 field mechanics). the other way to go is to focus on causing damage with damage mods and weaponry (+2% weapon damage per level, +3% weapon proficiency damage per level). Furthermore, I play at odd hours and don't have time to join a corp. So, I'm usually playing "merc" games & my teammates suck and split up and don't help at all. hence, i focused on staying alive based on shields rather than armor.

if you play randoms, then there is only silence. if you're playing with legit corps, then everyone is talking. the best way to get better is to join up with corp. theres a bunch on the dust forums that are newb friendly and welcome questions. they even have you team up in matches and point stuff out to you. & they offer advice on skill allotment.

to get more points in a round, see my previous post that I copied from dust forums. good info.

In Topic: Dust 514 CAG community list

01 February 2013 - 06:42 PM

getting killed too fast?

try this helpful info:
"Run a speed shotti scout suit made from all militia gear. It can one shot everything except a heavy, for them it take two. Learn how to be stealthy and sneak around while coming up behind guys and popping them.

Or, jump into a turret and start taking people out. Or run a logi suit and stay behind your blue dot kilers and repair them. Or, get into a LAV and play Carmageddon. Or jump into a tank gunner spot and gun. Or sneak around and hack everything.

So many options for low SP toons as they build up their SP. Get to it."

i love playing carmaeddon. you have shitty controls because theres no skill pts invested in. but everytime you run over someone, its totally worth it. you can easily go 10/2 in a deathmatch. during gameplay, hit right on dpad, select lav vehicle and wait 15 seconds.

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29 January 2013 - 08:45 PM

sneaky bastards. business model: limited supply. you need rebuy used stuff. only thing that sticks are your skills. you may be higher end items but you need to make sure you meet the prerequisites for using them. but you end up earning about 200k/match so dont worry about not making enough to justify dying. when you get to proto stuff, then its a different story.

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29 January 2013 - 05:27 PM

found my lost password just to respond. best thing is go to the dust forums and start reading under training grounds. experiment. or buy one militia grade everything. .

try being an assault (versatile shooter... typical COD/mW/type player), logistics (engineered + medic) or heavy (meat tank + big gun). i hate snipers. with that being said, i dislike the wheel. ive been killed so many times healing a teammate and can't switch fast enough to my gun from my armor repair tool. Also, the rez aren't exact. I feel I need to click the rez button 10 times for a resurrection.

if you're medically inclined, then: https://forums.dust5...4316#post404316. you get so much more sp from doing stuff rather than looking for kills. in fact, i wish i was around more dumb asses. the maps are too big and spread apart that I seldom by other people. then how can i fix you up? And when i try to take a objective, then theres no one else around, especially if you're logi b/c they're not made to kill. (plenty of experience from mag). so sneak around, capture, sneak around, capture, find dumbasses and then heal them. if you find a really injured heavy, you can earn anywhere from 100 to 150 sp (vs 50 sp for a kill and 60 sp for rez). so in a deathmatch, i can go 1-2 and be the top player with 1300 sp.

love/hate the stupid level cap. it means that you play 2 hrs a day and stop b/c games after cap will only earn you 50 sp's (xp) and about 150-200 isk ($).

ive played and level 50 each faction in mag. so im used to tons of simultaneous shit.

top skills include: drop ship command, weaponry, field mechanics, combat engineering, shield control, shield enchancements, circuitry

spawn pts suck. you need to be the smart guy on your team that has uplink module (mobile spawn pt). don't forget if you're far away, then hit right on d pad to get the cheapo freebie lav. the controls suck b/c you didnt invest skills. And just in BF, damn the tanks are awesome if you're lucky enough to jump into someone else's tank.

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10 March 2012 - 08:45 PM

so i put in a few hours with the tanks. theyre fun. but youre right mguiddy, the hawks can shred you like tissue paper. one hawk one hit swarmed missiled me. theyre really fun to take down buildings. plus they great blast radius against ground troops.

i made the cag clan if anyone is interested. dust is way too big. if your team is full assholes filling up your building limit with useless walls and turrets, then its going to be a long slow painful match. most of it will be done walking across the map.