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Decided to make a Podcast/Website

11 July 2011 - 05:21 AM

Hey guys, I've created a podcast inspired by CaGcast unfortunately at the current moment I don't have a co-host, but I've done a solo episode.
The podcast is all about technology, the internet and many other things, I've just started the blog as well with a few posts. I'm based in Australia and have a passion for writing and podcasting. Any constructive criticism will help as I am new to this.

I'll throw a link up to the website, and if any of you are interested in writing some articles for me PM me :) <3333

Hope you guys like the podcast, It's hard starting from scratch, so I'm trying to plug myself on here, if this is allowed could a mod please delete this thread :) thanks.

www.intothenet.net There's a feed link on the first post for the first episode.

or check out the intothenet podcast on iTunes later < still processing.:cold: