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Blog Waterhouse > 2012's Top Ten (In order of preference)

Posted 11 December 2012

Hello CAG! Holy shit it's been 3 years since my last blog entry. Still browse the site but less and less interest in blogging. Here's my top ten games for this year, and since it's CAG I've included what I paid for each one. Generally, I try to only pay full price for games I know I'm really going to like...but I still paid too much for games this yea...

Blog Waterhouse > Reflections 2009: the Pleasant Surprises

Posted 18 December 2009

There's nothing like finding that unexpected gem of a game. Maybe you had low expectations going in, or had never heard of the game before, or were just taking a chance on that obscure or bargain bin title. Here's some games I was pleasantly surprised by in 2009.

Retro Game Challenge. I had heard a few good things about it, and needed a third s...

Blog Waterhouse > Top 10 Favorite Games, 2009

Posted 15 December 2009

Hello again, CAG. A top ten list was actually my first blog here at the end of last year, seems fitting to continue the tradition. And what a year it's been for videogames! With so many quality titles I had a hard time picking exactly ten this time, in fact I'm going to add an "honorable mention" section this year. Since this is Cheap Ass Gamer and al...

Blog Waterhouse > Anticipated Games 2010

Posted 29 November 2009

Greetings CAG , it's been a while since my last entry. Right now in the midst of all this black friday madness (so far, $40 on uncharted 2 - couldn't resist) my mind turns to the new year quickly coming upon us, and how much money I'm going to have to save up to feed my video game habit. In other words, what games am I looking forward to in 2010.


Blog Waterhouse > Watch Out! There's a Volcano behind you!

Posted 20 July 2009


Isn't insomnia the fucking worst? At least there's more time for the internet!

Bought and beaten a bunch of games thanks to various sales. Retro Game Challenge and Dragon Quest V for the DS. Deadly Creatures on the Wii. What qualifies as a bunch, anyway? More than 2?

All three were quite decent in their own ways, but Retro Game Challenge stoo...