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Let's Talk about Games! > Delete

Posted 16 July 2012


Let's Talk about Games! > New Job = New Game room TV!

Posted 17 October 2011

I've been wanting to throw up a blog post for the longest time. Unfortunately, work keeps me so busy that I haven't had much time to spend blogging. As of August, I was promoted to Supervisor (for Training; Thus, I'll be training all the new hires, along with 3 others also promoted). So in order to celebrate, I had to get a new HDTV! My original plan wa...

Let's Talk about Games! > Games are too Long for me....

Posted 11 March 2011

This year, I found the Completed Games Forum. To keep my backlog from growing, I've been making a greater effort to complete games. One of the main things that's kept me from completing games is that I've spent a lot of time playing online via the Call of Duty franchise... I've spend several nights in a row, up late, playing Team Death Match. While it...

Let's Talk about Games! > HKS Racing Controller makes Racing games Fun!

Posted 10 February 2011


I purchased the HKS gaming controller from Gamestop.. 34.99 (5 dollars more than Shipwrecks recommended buy Price). I've had an opportunity to the use the HKS Controller with Gran Tursimo 5 and with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. and I can honestly say that this controller has enhanced my experience with each game.

I purchased GranTurismo 5 on re...

Let's Talk about Games! > A Weekend of Games and Movies... but Mostly Movies.

Posted 01 November 2010

Well this weekend was very relaxing for me. Which was good, because I definitely had a hectic work week. I felt like working over the weekend, but I decided against it... other than completing some assignments that I knew were due over the weekend... no more than about 15 / 20 minutes worth of work. While working, I watched "Revenge of the Nerds” still...